Library Resources in Canvas

What are the online library resources in Canvas?

Each curriculum block in Canvas has an associated online library resources guide containing eTextbooks, journals, and other resources available from the Health Sciences Library to support student learning. It is preferable that a link to the online library resources be located near the top of the Canvas course as under Course Overview, and a link included next to each reading assignment in a Canvas page that references them. Students receive instruction about use of the online library resources as part of their technology orientation, and know that all eTextbooks available from the library for the blocks & threads are located there. Statistics show the online library resources are being heavily used by students, especially when links are provided next to reading assignments.

Why do we have online library resources in Canvas?

The online library resources guide in Canvas is a central location for online library resources that

  • Are properly configured with the off-campus proxy
    • See Electronic Resources if you would like to configure and maintain your own resources links in Canvas content, although this is not advised since individual resource URLs can change without notice
  • Can be accessed simultaneously throughout all WWAMI cohorts
  • Are maintained centrally by the Health Sciences Librarian
    • If a link breaks please let Nikki know immediately – she is connected with our resources and vendors to implement fixes ASAP.

How do I include additional information in online library resources for my course?

Additional resources can be offered within the online library resources in collaboration with block, theme and thread leaders. Please contact Nikki for information.

What does the online library resources look like?

The online library resources contain resources for the course as the front page with additional sections supporting research, resources and contact information for librarians at WWAMI sites

  • Front page of course (Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease)
    MCBD library resource front page
  • Finding Information Framework tab (algorithm to resources based on question)
    Finding Information Framework guide

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