Poll Everywhere Basics

Poll Everywhere is a polling system that is available to all UW faculty. Poll Everywhere polls can be managed with a web browser. For more detail see https://www.polleverywhere.com/videos.

Activate your Poll Everywhere account

1. Go to www.Polleverywhere.com and click Log In.
2. In the Email Address field, enter your UW email address including “@uw.edu”.
3. Below the address field, click on the “Single Sign On” link.
4. In the UW log in screen enter your UW Net ID and password.
* If you cannot gain access, contact UW-IT help at help@uw.edu.

Create a poll question

1. Log on to www.polleverywhere.com
2. At the top of the screen, click My Polls (or, Polls).
3. Click the Create button.
4. Choose the type of question (Multiple-choice, word cloud, etc.). Note the sample results displayed for each type.
5. Enter the question and answer options.
6. At the bottom of the question window, click Create. Your new question will be displayed.
7. Under Configure, choose response options, such “no text responses” or “no log on required”. Settings are automatically saved.

Revise a question

1. Log on to www.polleverywhere.com
2. At the top of the screen, click My Polls.
3. Hover over a question and click Edit.
4. Revise question settings and then click Save.

Presenting polls

Option 1 – Conduct polls with a web browser

Polls can be conducted with a web browser from the Poll Everywhere web site. You can also link to a question from a Powerpoint slide to make it easier to transition from slides to polls. When you display a question, remember to activate the question to collect responses. Only one question can be active at a time.

1. Log on to www.polleverywhere.com
2. At the top of the screen, click My Polls.
3. Click on a question.
4. Copy the address of the question, and paste the address in a Powerpoint slide.
5. Before your presentation, open your slideshow and log on to Poll Everywhere. Ask students to use their browsers to go to pollev.com/(_your UW Net ID_).
6. Begin your slideshow. When you display a question slide, click the link to Poll Everywhere.
7. When your poll question displays, click the Full Screen button (4 arrows). This will automatically activate the question, and students can begin responding.

Option 2 – Add polls to slides

Poll questions can be added to a slide show and then conducted without a web browser.

Install Poll Everywhere Presenter (Powerpoint plugin)

1. Log on to www.polleverywhere.com and click My Polls.
2. Under Downloads (left hand side), click Powerpoint and then follow instructions for downloading and installing.

Poll Everywhere Presenter – (inserting polls into slides)

Use Poll EV Presenter to create new polls and insert them into Powerpoint slides. Poll EV Presenter offers fewer options for formatting polls.

1. Download and install Poll EV Presenter from polleverywhere.com. Win: Installing Poll EV Presenter will add the Poll EV tool to Powerpoint. Mac: Poll EV Presenter is a separate application.
2. Start Powerpoint. Mac users also start Poll EV Presenter.
3. In the Poll EV Presenter window (Mac) or tab (Win), login when required.
4. To add a poll to your slides, advance to the correct area of your slide show. In Poll EV Presenter, click ‘New +’ to add a poll question, checkbox the poll and click Insert.
5. To display the poll, start your slide show and advance to the poll question. The question will display without switching to a web browser. To hide charts, mouse over the upper-right corner of the poll and unclick the “eye” icon.

Copying polls

  1. Copy the URLs of the polls you want to share into a list. (Copy the address while the question is in live view in your web browser.)
  2. Send the list of URLs to the other individual.
  3. After logging on to Poll Everywhere, the other individual should visit each question URL, and then add this to the address:  /copy
  4. Repeat for all the polls in the list. New copies of the questions will appear in the other individual’s poll list.