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YouTube is a trend whether you like it or not it is part of people’s life. But that is not the discussion for this post but rather the “for kids” videos that are posted on the site. This article by James Bridle talks about the weird creepy unending youtube videos for kids. If you told me about them, I would probably know some of them or at least seen some images floating around the internet because of memes and whatnot. But to be honest, I would not go and willingly look for such videos. The amount of youtube videos targeted for “kids” is insane and at the same time they are not truly for kids. Content sharing and producing for this target audience is slowly brainwashing kids.

We are gonna start of with how easy it is to find these weird videos. Just doing a quick search on youtube of “kids videos” shows an insane amount of videos that I’m impressed if kids do actually watch these. Most of the videos are basically the same thing but with a different background or song. It’s the same content everywhere. Not sure if letting a kid go around youtube is a good idea, but seems like the content that they might watch is brainwashing them. The brainwashing is not the main problem but rather the availability of the videos. Any kid and I mean any kid that has access to the internet and, therefore, youtube can watch them. Obviously, it’s not their fault because they are doing what they are allow to do. I think this mostly happens because parents don’t have time to take care of their kids so they just give them a tablet/phone and let them watch videos. This is their entertainment. This is what they watch instead of television. If you are older, you might think that this is garbage. You can take an look and probably won’t last 10 seconds from any of the videos below. There is no point to them.

Simple YouTube search “kids videos”

I tried going through some videos to see where it would take me. All I could find was the same thing over and over again. Songs, rhymes, animated 3D/2D doing whatever, unwrapping chocolate eggs, unboxing toys, the list goes on. It’s just that they are still the same thing. It goes to a point where one video has more than 20 ads(it is an hour long but even a gameplay or movie on youtube doesn’t have that many ads let’s be honest). Not sure if this is just channels exploiting kids for views and therefore revenue but it’s insane. Not even television does that. See below and look it yourself how many ads are in one video.

As James Bridle explains, videos on youtube don’t seem to be any educational for kids at all. They only follow the same algorithm as the others making an absurd conglomeration of weird videos. I tried looking for some of the more disturbing videos that appeared on the article without looking it up on youtube and couldn’t find them. Some that were of course removed as told in the article. Although, you can find reuploads in youtube. I’m not really sure how kids look for videos but it seems that as long as they don’t actively search for them, they won’t find the inappropriate videos. If you try to look them up, you either have to be more specific when searching to find them. Now, if kids do in fact search for terms like elsa, spiderman, heros, etc. the search starts going to the weird side. Probably kids should not be allowed to search videos on their own as youtube has a bad censoring system.

Regardless of what kids do, there are too many videos of children rhymes with popular cartoons characters and unboxing/unwrapping videos. The amount reaches a point where it seems that youtube is saturated with them that kids think that watching them is normal. This is their daily routine, if it’s an actual thing. There is also the other side about parents allowing their kids to practically watch anything without any control whatsoever which leads to cursing and swearing plus violence. There is a lot of content in youtube that is not for kids. If parents don’t do anything about it, it might become a problem when their kids grow up.

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