A bit of suspense aka Horror

Nothing beats having a bit of anxiety other than some horror.

Horror has become so over-saturated with jumpscares that most media aren’t even scary anymore besides that one second scare. If you want to read what is horror you can read it here. I don’t have to explain this anyway, hopefully.

Now, you should have seen the video above that I made. My theme was horror but I tried not going with the usual jumpscare because those are boring. My approach, or at least what I tried to do, is the psychological horror. It might not be a great attempt but something is something, right?

I think that psychological horror is the best one out of all other ways to scare people. Some of my inspiration comes from games especially Silent Hill(any game from the main series). The games deal with a lot of this psychological horror which is not explaining stuff directly(symbolism) but only showing the audience pieces to assemble. The pieces are made so any interpretation can be made. It has much more depth than a short scare. The symbolism let’s you ponder for a long time and even causes uncertainty that makes you aware of your surroundings. That lingering sensation that something is bothering you but you don’t know what it is is in my opinion the best way to scare someone. Silent Hill does this. Its use of sound and visuals make the games give you anxiety and induces suspense as the player doesn’t know what is happening. Here are some pictures of Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2 uses fog and gruesome imagery to create fear.
Ambience has a strong impact in causing fear.









I’ll avoid spoiling the game so if you’re interested go check it out! Whether you play the game or watch a playthrough, it is worth the time.

Now in this video, I tried making full use of the time of the day and sound to create a sense of uneasiness and maybe create some fear. While making it, I noticed that making something scary is harder than it appears. Sound and visuals are really important but I think sound has the biggest impact overall. When editing, it shows that anything that is scary can be useless if sound is not present so props to sound designers and people that have to think what fits best in a scene!

If you want another site for more info about horror in films, you can go here. There they go over what the horror genre is and give some early examples with old films to modern ones(it’s not up to date). There is an extensive list of horror films in there but also, a list of great horror films.Funnily, horror films get rated a lot that you’ll always find top horror films or worst horror films. This shows how much the horror genre has been used that people need to compile which ones are the best and which ones are the worst. Nevertheless, horror is fun! It’s scary but fun in some way. Want more? Here you can see a disambiguation of the horror genre that gives the reason as to why it is hard to create a convincing scary, fear and anxiety inducing media.


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4 thoughts on “A bit of suspense aka Horror

  1. wtf sister……….. i’m live typing these comments because im tryna be SCARED.

    that turn at the beginning………… and these sound effects……………..SISHTER!!!!!!!!!!!! i really feel my heartbeat really oging thogriadgkdjadhgkjghlkjfhklajghlkjgha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA idk what ambient sound is screaming at me but the increase of that weird beat thing in the background is FREAKING ME OUT. i hate that everything went silent besides sounds where even are you

    why is it so dark outside. why is sound cutting in and out. why is a mannequin doll hanging from a string. this lighting is too dark and fREaky SISHTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i HATE HORRO MOVEIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all i have to say is up to the point this shites spooky and ominous with a little bit of scary here and there…………just the way it should be

    idk what that was but the red eye thing just made me jUMP please STOP IT THE SJAKDLKJAGTHE SHAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just rode a ride idk u did a good job wtf

  2. DAMN, it was really scary and I love it! You really got the points of the horror movie, the evil soundtrack, the gloomy color tone, the jump scare, and other kinds of stuff that got me goosebumps. Fantastic.

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