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So from my previous trope post, I talked about Horror. This lead me to wonder why do we prefer watching other people play games? I like Silent Hill series but I’ve never played any games myself completely. I only watched someone else play. This might not be a trope but let me extrapolate on this. We think its weird but it become so normal that youtube is over-saturated with this trend of gameplays.

Now, I have not played some games but watched someone else play. Why? For me, it’s because of two reasons:

1) When I was younger, I was to scared to play them or found them boring. (I’m glad that my tastes in games have broadened)

2) I don’t have the means to buy or play those games now. Time wise and money wise.

But nowadays, we see lots of people watching others play games not only horror games. Why is that? I looked around online and people watch others play video games because of many different reasons. They range from learning new skills and ways to play to not being able to play certain games because of personal preference, fear, or lack of money(let’s be honest some games are too expensive). All in all, it’s a thing! Some people even compared it to watching sports! I didn’t think about it but that makes sense! I don’t watch sports but I watch gameplays. Some people watch sports but don’t watch gameplays. You can have a great array of people that watch or don’t watch something based on preference. That’s it, it’s preference. It is something that some like doing while others don’t.

If we go back to watching people play games, there are mainly two types of commentary that you can get. (There are more but it’s on the lesser side, I guess). The really obnoxious ones that do not let you appreciate the game because of their commentary(especially in cut scenes) and the other ones that just play and no commentary is added. I don’t watch any of those. I prefer having commentary so there’s some extra input in what I’m watching but also having the person playing stop commentating when there are cut scenes and important events in the game. Obviously, that is what I like when watching someone else play.

I also feel like watching someone else play feels like you have company. Sometimes playing games by yourself seem to be mundane and I think watching someone enjoy a game is fun sometimes. Also, they allow you to multitask while getting to know the game and work on other stuff. Truly the saviors when you got a ton of assignments or work but want to get to know the story of a game.

Okay those are some reasons of why people watch games being played by others, but is there a difference in playing a game yourself and watching someone else play? I do think there is but it doesn’t bother me that much. So, I’m giving you the choice. You can play this Youtube game of escape that I made using videos and clickable labels endcards(youtube you failed me) to choose or you can watch me go through the thing without commentary.

The point of this game(if you can call it game lol) is to escape or more like leave the building without dying and in less clicks.

The beginning of the game.

(Side note: I didn’t know Youtube removed annotations/labels so I had to make do with end cards :/ They give away information about choices but can’t do much about it)

Also, it takes around 7mins (the fastest way) to finish it. It can take longer. I’m letting you know just in case.

My playthrough (this is basically the answer to get the fastest route, well I made this lol)

What do you think? Do you prefer playing or watching?



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