You sound different?

After having a much more intensive thought about what sound is and how it works around us, I decided to take my lazy 24 hr video and crop it to 30s. Furthermore, I changed the sounds!! It has a different vibe to be honest and I think it’s good! What a surprise!! But hear me out!

You know sound is everywhere in our lives, right? (Well, not for everyone but most of us) Now, if you think about it most of the stuff that we watch now is highly focused in visuals but what about the sounds? You might watch a movie and be like “woah, that actor/actress is so pretty” or “those scenes looked awesome!” but you don’t know that the sound behind them, the sound that is happening at that moment is what makes it impactful to you. You might think that it isn’t true but have you tried watching a movie without sounds? Have you? Probably not, why? Because it is boring. This makes sound pretty important but we take it for granted because we are used to it. If you want to hear a bit more about how sound makes you feel emotions, you can read a bit about horror sounds in my previous post!

Sound creates an atmosphere and that is what takes us in. I went to the Drama Library at our school and lo and behold I saw the sound effects CDs and the names of each ones is simple. You want Leisure sounds, you got it. You want sounds from a different country, they got you. For some reason, you need office sounds, they have it. Here have a look!













If you look closely, you can see all the tracks named and all of them are named exactly what they are supposed to sound. Not that it would work if they didn’t name the tracks what they are supposed to sound like. I found some of the names funny because I don’t know what some of them are and some of them have really detailed names! “Jogging – gravel – runner’s perspective” is really specific but sounds about right if you play it. It was a pretty fun activity going through each sound and wondering if I knew what they were without reading the names. Some, I knew, some were rather ambiguous but if you gave me an image with those sounds I would believe it.

So yeah! Sounds are neat! Give credit to them because they create the atmosphere that we enjoy. Although, silence is a good sound if that makes sense lol


P.S. I recently watched this one movie, Liz and the Blue Bird (or in Japanese Liz to Aoi Tori) that highly relies on sounds and if you like anime or pretty visuals and awesome sound, you should check it out!

One Day Video

Here is my one day video!

I was planning on visiting a park that I’ve never been too because what better excuse to go somewhere that I haven’t gone to than for an assignment 😀

Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, my friend wanted a new pair of shoes and we both had time so we headed Downtown for those shoes.