The UW Dawgcast


Updated 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, October 27th

By Kristan Lund

Good Morning my fellow Huskies! 

This year’s Halloween may be unconventional, but that’s not stopping me from counting down the days and watching scary movies until I’m afraid of the dark! 

While this past weekend brought snow to the mountains and parts of the lowlands in the PNW (Seattle had some flurries at 4:30 am on Monday!), you’ll find Seattle to be dry and cold today. 

This morning had warmer temperatures than we’ve previously seen the last few days due to the insolation of low clouds, giving us temperatures in the high 40s.  

The high pressure ridge hanging out on our Northwest coast is the cause of the dry cold air from the north, giving us a rain free day today with temperatures in the mid 50s around The Sound. We’ll have broken cloud coverage and sunshine, so today might be a good day for a walk in the Arboretum or Ravenna Park. Be sure to enjoy the Autumn colors while they’re still there!

Wind speeds today will be less than 5mph sustained, so while it might be a good day to squeeze in some fishing or rowing, it’s not too great for sailing.

With the high pressure system weakening and moving inland over the course of the next few days, areas up north by the Canadian Border might see some sprinkles, but the rest of Western Washington can expect dry weather with the temperatures staying between the low 40s and high 50s.

This weekend we’ll be seeing some rain as a system makes it way over us, so be sure to pack a raincoat if you decide to go on a midnight walk on the Eve of Halloween.

Have a great week 5, Huskies!


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