The UW Dawgcast

Faculty & Student Bios

Students of ATM S 493 / The UW Dawgcast:

Matthew Charchenko

Like many other meteorologists, Matthew was hooked on weather from a young age after a strong windstorm blew through Western Washington. Growing up in an area frequented by the Puget Sound Convergence Zone, he witnessed a variety of strong weather events from localized convergence zone snowstorms to thunderstorms. When not in school, you can usually find him in the Cascades either skiing through the winter season or hiking once the snow has melted.

Rachael Fewkes

Rachael is a junior in Atmospheric Sciences (specifically the Meteorology track) at the UW. Some of her favorite things include running marathons, drinking coffee, and capturing big storms on camera. She always been fascinated by the weather and hopes to become either a broadcast meteorologist or a severe weather research scientist after graduating.

Hannah Krieg

Hannah is a second-year student at the UW working towards her journalism degree. She works for The Daily UW and is the Engagement Editor. Hannah was was enrolled in the media & meteorology course in the winter quarter and now serves as the editor for The Dawgcast blogs.

Sara Salimi

Sara is a junior majoring in both Climate and Meteorology in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Going into college, she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to study. Taking a sustainability class at the U helped Sara uncover her underlying passion for environmental health and awareness. It piqued her interest in finding new ways of reducing our carbon footprint as a community. Now, Sara is interested in pursuing a career in either Broadcast Meteorology or a governmental agency such as NOAA. She is planning to apply to graduate school nonetheless in the coming fall.

Anthony Edwards

Anthony is a Puget Sound weather nerd with many Husky alums in his family. He is new to the UW Dawgcast this spring and works for the UW student newspaper: The Daily. One of his columns in The Daily is titled ‘Purple Rain’ and explores weather topics relevant to the UW community. His free time is spent at sporting events and hiking and skiing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Calen Randall

Calen is the Dawgcast’s friendly Canadian forecaster and is ecstatic to join the Dawgcast this Spring. His journey to meteorology was unconventional as it stemmed from a passion for birds and ornithology as well as an interest in mathematical modeling. Currently a Junior studying Meteorology and Data Science, Calen also competes for the UW forecasting team in the WxChallenge. He looks forward to exploring the role of communication in meteorology through broadcasting. Outside of class, Calen works on research for Professor Mass. When not trekking around campus, you can find him watching birds all over the Pacific Northwest.

Dylan Logan

Dylan is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Washington. He will be graduating with a degree in atmospheric science: meteorology. Weather has been an interest of his since a young age and you can find him pursuing interesting local weather phenomena whenever it comes around. Some other hobbies of Dylan’s are exercising, traveling, reading, and writing.

Yemas Ly

Yemas was actually one of the students surveyed who wanted this class to exist. Unfortunately, she graduated one spring too early, but enjoys helping out as an honorary member thanks to serendipitously being Shannon’s weather intern at KOMO during the inception of The UW Dawgcast. Yemas studied meteorology and journalism, so weather and news are not small talk to her. Her ideal career would allow her to intertwine the two broadcast reporter and meteorologist. Pastimes include hiking and hot yoga.

Faculty / Advisors:

Shannon O’Donnell

Shannon O’Donnell is the Chief Meteorologist at KOMO 4 Television in Seattle. A 1995 graduate of the UW Atmospheric Sciences Department, she has been involved in research within the University for nearly three decades. Link to her bio on the KOMO website.

Clifford Mass

Professor Clifford Mass is an expert in synoptic and mesoscale meteorology. More on Cliff can be found here on Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences site, and his research and projects are featured on his website.

Robert Conrick

Robert is a PhD candidate in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. His research focuses on weather prediction and model evaluation, particularly precipitation forecasts. He also regularly teaches weather analysis courses in the department. Otherwise, he spends most of his time fishing near the UW campus or on Puget Sound!