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On the left: Student Sara Salimi presents her forecast as other students watch. Unlike most other positions in television, broadcast meteorologists don’t use teleprompters and ad lib their forecasts live. (Photo: University of Washington)

On the right: Student Matthew Charchenko practices on the green wall. Broadcast meteorologists need to look at at off-screen monitors to coordinate their movements with the weather graphics broadcasting on-air. (Photo: University of Washington)

While our ATM S 493 course is only offered as a 3-credit course during winter quarter, it is offered as a club year-round! (You have the option of getting one credit out of it during the club quarters.  Use SLN code 21607) You can join us at any time, and we’ll teach you the ropes as you go.

  • Want to learn how to forecast?
  • Want to know how to use professional weather graphics software that many TV stations have?
  • Want to give the green wall a spin?
  • Want to help the UW community decide whether they should study in Odegaard or in the Quad?

No problem! The UW Dawgcast will be there with you every step of the way (since you’ll be one of us 😉 ). You don’t have to be majoring in atmospheric sciences, you just have to love weather.

{Note: during spring quarter 2020, this club and course will be offered online, only, due to ongoing COVID-19 social distancing requirements.}

If you want to join our club, fill out our form below and feel free to tell us a sentence or two about yourself and why you like weather. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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