Urban Design & Planning Interdisciplinary PhD

April 22, 2020

May 1 Deadline for Pandemic Urbanism Symposium Participation

In lieu of a traditional Annual Symposium, the Urban Design & Planning PhD and the College of Built Environments are sponsoring a special student-run Pandemic Urbanism Symposium, Friday, May 29.  Organizers include current and recent URBDP PhD students Evan Carver, Peter T. Dunn, Katie Idziorek, Lan T. Nguyen, Boyang Sa, Elizabeth Umbanhowar, and Yiyuan Wang….

April 28: “Mobility Apps and the Politics of Platform Urbanism” Research Seminar from PhD Candidate Peter Dunn

PhD Candidate Peter Dunn will present his ongoing research into the work of pervasive digital technologies in shaping urban actors and the ways they manage competing claims on the city–that is, their politics. His research applies recent theorizations of the politics of platforms and of an emerging “platform urbanism” to qualitative research on practices surrounding…

April 12, 2020

April 14: “COVID-19 and Infrastructure” Research Seminar from Professor Jan Whittington

Professor Jan Whittington

The UDP PhD’s April 14 Research Seminar series will feature a talk by Dr. Jan Whittington on COVID-19 and Infrastructure. Professor Whittington’s research applies transaction cost economic theory to networked infrastructures, such as transportation, water, and communications systems, to internalize factors historically treated as external to transactions. UW students, faculty and staff are invited to…