Urban Design & Planning Interdisciplinary PhD

Student Colloquium (URBDP 598)

Where and when?

Meetings are typically scheduled every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. (see specific quarter for updates)

If you plan on attending, you should register for the course (URBDP 598 – Colloquium Section) for a single credit.

Requesting a day to present

To request a date for your presentation, or to suggest a topic or guest presenter, email other students taking the course. Please indicate the date you want as well as the topic you intend to present. Include files and/or links if you want.

What to present?

The colloquium can be as formal or informal as you want, but if it is your day you need to lead the session. In the past sessions have been used for such purposes as:

  • job talks
  • practice sessions for conferences or other public speaking engagements
  • “bouncing ideas” about research topics

Presenters should bring their own laptops if they need to present PowerPoint or other projected media (the room has a dedicated projector). Send any relevant files or links you want posted to Program Office.

Ideas for other topics (some with faculty advising)

  • funding strategies
  • job search strategies
  • postdoc information
  • publishing strategies
  • general exams

Why register?

  • you will get to know what other students are doing and vice versa
  • you get to practice your talks
  • this is guaranteed to be the easiest 1 credit per quarter you will ever take
  • there might be soup!

Sample Schedule

  • October nn: “Preparing for the job talk,” by Jan Whittington
  • November nn: Briefly cover upcoming Winter classes, followed by a discussion of upcoming conferences, paper submittal dates, etc.
  • November nn: Research Tools discussion (EndNote, Mendeley, etc.)
  • November nn: Pizza + a faculty perspective on the Oral and General Examination