Urban Design & Planning Interdisciplinary PhD



Dorian Bautista
Dissertation Title: Job Accessibility, Commuting Time and Travel Complexity in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA)
Chair: Alberti, M.

Tracy Fuentes
Dissertation Title: Reconstructing Developer and Homeowner Decisions to Understand the Complex Assembly of New Residential Patches and Plant Communities
Chair: Alberti, M.
Firms/Institutions: UW Urban Ecology Lab


Evan Carver
Dissertation Title: Writing Graffiti in Berlin: Shaping Space and Self in the Postmodern Metropolis, 1990-2017
Chair: Mugerauer, B.
Position: Assistant Instructional Professor
Firms/Institutions: University of Chicago, Program on the Global Environment

Mingyu Kang
Dissertation Title: The Built Environment, Travel Behaviors, and Active Transportation Safety
Chair: Vernez-Moudon, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firms/Institutions: Department of Urban Administration, University of Seoul


Ihnji Jon
Dissertation Title: Planning in postmodern era: navigating normativity and political implications of ‘planning for/in uncertainty’
Chair: Purcell, M.
Position: Lecturer in International Urban Politics
Firms/Institutions: University of Melbourne (Australia)

Karen Dyson
Dissertation Title: Parcel scale development and landscaping actions affect vegetation, bird, and fungal communities on office developments
Chair: Bradley, G.

Susmita Rishi
Dissertation Title: Reconceptualizing Value and Space: Learning from the Slumdwellers of Delhi
Chair: Purcell, M.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firms/Institutions: Kansas State University


Mary J. Roderick
Dissertation Title: Strategic Green Infrastructure: A Geodesign-based Planning Support Approach
Chair: Mugerauer, R.
Positions: Regional Planner & Affiliate Instructor
Firms/Institutions: Land of Sky Regional Council, N.C., & College of Built Environments, University of Washington

Chung Ho Kim
Dissertation Title: Community Resilience of the Korean New Village Movement, 1970-1979: Historical Interpretation and Resilience Assessment
Chair: Abramson, D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Seoul


Peng Chen
Dissertation Title: Bicycling and the built environment: route choice and road safety
Chair: Shen, Q.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: University of South Florida, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Jason Scully
Dissertation Title: Human Mobility, Exposure to the Built Environment, and Health
Chair: Vernez-Moudon, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Urban and Regional Planning, Eastern Washington University


Megan Horst
Dissertation Title: Fostering Food Systems Transformation: An Examination of Planning in the Central Puget Sound Region
Chair: Born, B.
Position: Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
Firm/Institution: Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University


Hossein Estiri
Dissertation Title: The Impacts of Household Behaviors and Housing Choice on Residential Energy Consumption
Chair: Mugerauer, R.
Position: Research Fellow & Informatics Training Fellow
Firm/Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital, Laboratory of Computer Science & the National Library of Medicine

Daniele Spirandelli
Dissertation Title: Urban Patterns in Near-Shore Ecosystems: Examining the Role of Alternative Wastewater Infrastructures in Mediating the Impacts of Urbanization in the Puget Sound
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Ruizhu Huang
Dissertation Title: The built environment, obesity and walking
Chair: Vernez-Moudon, A.
Position: Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate
Firm/Institution: Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas, Austin


So-Ra Baek
Dissertation Title: The Built Environment, Walking, and Physical Activity: A Comparison between Korean Immigrants and Caucasian Women in King County, WA.
Chair: Bae, C.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Regional and Urban Planning, University of Buffalo, State University of New York

Bumjoon Kang
Dissertation Title: Objectively Measured Walking and the Built Environment.
Chair: Vernez-Moudon, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Regional and Urban Planning, University of Buffalo, State University of New York

Jinhyun Hong
Dissertation Title: The Effects of Built Environments on Transportation Emissions and Travel Behavior: A Reexamination by Addressing Methodological Issues.
Chair: Shen, Q.
Position: Lecturer in Transportation planning
Firm/Institution: University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Yue Gong
Dissertation Title: Manufacturing Towns in China: Governance, Space, and Conveyance of Rural Migrants to the Assembly Line
Chair: Abramson, D.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Peking University, Shenzhen Campus

Andy Krause
Dissertation Title: A Data System, Housing Growth Evaluation and Analysis of Redevelopment Probability: A Look at Seattle’s Urban Villages
Chair: Bitter, C.
Position: Principal Data Scientist
Firm/Institution: Greenfield Advisors, Seattle

Julia Michalak
Dissertation Title: Addressing empirical complexity and uncertainty in ecological planning: a case study of the effects of urbanization and climate change on Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) in the Pacific Northwest
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Research Associate/Engineer
Firm/Institution: School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington

Karis Tenneson
Dissertation Title: The residential urban forest: linking structure, function and management
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Remote Sensing Training Specialist
Firm/Institution: Remote Sensing Application Center, USDA Forest Service, SLC, Utah


Sahera Bleibleh
Dissertation Title: Everyday Life: Spatial Oppression and Resilience under the Israeli Occupation. The Case of the Old Town of Nablus, Palestine.
Chair: Mugerauer, R.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain


Gail Sandlin
Dissertation Title: Seattle’s Interstate 5 Proximity Land Use Patterns: An Interdisciplinary Narrative.
Chair: Bae, C.
Position: Environmental Specialist & Adjunct Faculty
Firm/Institution:Air Quality Program, Department of Ecology; WWU Huxley Environmental Studies Program

Emad Dawwas
Dissertation Title: Spatio-temporal Analysis of Urban Development Patterns in Palestinian Communities: Bethlehem-Hebron Region (BHR) as a Case.
Chair: Miller, D.
Position: Head of Urban Planning Engineering Department
Firm/Institution: An-Najah National University-West Bank, Palestine


Ahmed Al-Noubani
Dissertation Title: Dynamics of land-use and land-cover change: the case of Palestinian West Bank.
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Faculty Mentor
Firm/Institution: Dept. of Geography, Birzeit University

David Hsu
Dissertation Title: An evaluation of the effects of a pricing policy on the water consumption of heterogeneous households in Seattle.
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Urban Studies & Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phil Hurvitz
Dissertation Title: BEST MoveS: the built environment space-time MOVEment study, a framework for objective measurement of behavior, movement and exposure in urban environments.
Chair: Vernez Moudon, A.
Position: Research Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Dept. of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington

Junfeng Jiao
Dissertation Title: The relationship between built environments and the grocery shopping travel behavior.
Chair: Vernez Moudon, A.
Position: Director of Urban Information Lab & Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Community & Regional Planning, School of Architecture, University of Texas, Austin

Lin Lin
Dissertation Title: An ecological study of children commuting to school.
Chair: Vernez Moudon, A.
Position: Lecturer
Firm/Institution: Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University, Suzhou City, Jiangsu

Seunghoon Park
Dissertation Title: Urban form correlates of crime.
Chair: Vernez Moudon, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Urban Planning and Design, Keimyung University, South Korea


Alon Bassok
Dissertation Title: The effectiveness of regional growth centers policy in increasing transit use.
Chair: Bae, C.
Position: Research Scientist/Engineer & Affiliate Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: TRAC & Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington

Andrew Bjorn
Dissertation Title: Essays on examining the impacts of forest cover on housing prices using Bayesian model averaging and geographically weighted regression.
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Senior Associate
Firm/Institution: BERK, Seattle, WA

Brian H. Y. Lee
Dissertation Title: Accessibility and location choice: innovations in measurement and modeling.
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Senior Planner
Firm/Institution: Data Systems & Analysis, Puget Sound Regional Council

Liming Wang
Dissertation Title: Advances in integrated urban modeling: microsimulation models of the housing market, real estate development, and workplace choice.
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Portland State University/Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, China


Sarah Dooling
Dissertation Title: Closing the Policy Gap: Notions of Home Among Homeless
Chair: Mugerauer, R.
Position: Independent Researcher & Writer
Firm/Institution:Urban Ecology Futures, Inc., Austin, TX & Boston, MA

Michelle Kondo
Dissertation Title: Building Political Community via Annexation in White Center, WA: the Role of Culture and Translation
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Research Social Scientist
Firm/Institution: Northern Research Station, USDA-Forest Service, Philadelphia, PA

Ming-Chun Lee 
Dissertation Title: Towards a Re-conceptualization of Community-based Computer Learning Programs: Five Case Studies of Community Technology Projects in Seattle.
Chair: Blanco, H.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Graduate Program in Urban Design, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Luc de Montigny
Dissertation Title: Discarded needles and the urban environment: a spatial analysis of attractors, deterrents and disposal options.
Chair: Vernez-Moudon, A.
Position: Clinical Analysis and Research Advisor
Firm/Institution: Emergency Medical Services, City of Montreal


Adrienne Greve
Dissertation Title: Toward a More Complex Understanding of Urban Function: Assessing Post-Development Recovery Period and Channel Morphology and the Relationship between Urban Form, Land Cover Pattern, and Hydorlogic Flow Regime
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


Joel Franklin
Dissertation Title: The Distributional Effects of Transportation Policies: Applying Non-Parametric Measures to Urban Models
Chair: Waddell, P.

Adnan Husnein
Dissertation Title: Tracing Libyan modernities: a century of urban renovation in Tripoli, 1850-1950.
Chair: Handcock, J.
Position: Professor of Urban Planning and Design
Firm/Institution: Alhosn University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hyungtai Kim
Dissertation Title: Modeling employment location using micro-scale data in the Puget Sound Region
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Director of Public Investment Evaluation Division, Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center (PIMAC)
Firm/Institution: Korea Development Institute 207-41 Cheongnyangri-Dong, Dongdaemun-Gu�Seoul 130-012, Korea

Vivek Shandas
Dissertation Title: Towards an integrated approach to watershed planning: the role of land cover, human preference, and biotic condition in managing Puget Sound lowland streams
Chair: Alberti, M.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: Portland State University

Dongwook Sohn
Dissertation Title: Assessment of market preference for smart growth: the effects of neighborhood land use and urban design principles on property values
Chair: Moudon, A.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


Tarik Khiati 
Dissertation Title: Urban forms under colonial dominance: making Algiers French (1830-1880)
Chair: Ryan, D.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of Architecture, Canadian University in Dubai, UAE

Sungyop Kim
Dissertation Title: Neighborhood residential location choice of the elderly: a study of the elderly in the Puget Sound Region of Washington
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: University of Missouri, Kansas City

Chanam Lee
Dissertation Title: Built environment and active living
Chair: Moudon, A.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: Texas A & M University


Bradshaw Hovey
Dissertation Title: Making the Portland way of planning: the structural power of language: stories from community planning, 1969–2001
Chair: Hancock, J.
Position: Associate Director of the Urban Design Project
Firm/Institution: School of Architecture & Planning, University of Buffalo, SUNY

Jeasun Lee
Dissertation Title: Enhancing sustainability in downtown by tri-values adding to urban redevelopment efforts: a case study of Seoul, Korea
Chair: Blanco, H.
Position: Assistant Professor
Firm/Institution: Yonsei University, Korea

Shishir Mathur
Dissertation Title: Effect of impact fees on housing prices: analysis of quality differentiated single family housing market of King and Snohomish County, Washington
Chair: Blanco, H.
Position: Associate Dean of Research, College of Social Sciences & Professor, Urban & Regional Planning Department
Firm/Institution: San Jose State University


Charlotte Garrido
Dissertation Title: We, the human element: affirming women’s community development in Kitsap County, Washington
Chair: Hancock, J.
Position:District 3 Commissioner
Firm/Institution: S. Kitsap County Parks and Recreation District Board of Commissioners

Nam-Son Ngo-Viet
Dissertation Title: Integration of the shopping center with its surroundings: Redmond Town Center (Redmond, WA)
Chair: Moudon, A.
Position: Director of Urban Design and Planning
Firm/Institution: Rubin & Rotman, Montreal, Quebec


John Carruthers
Dissertation Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of regulatory growth management programs: an interregional analysis
Chair: Harrington, J.W.
Position: Associate Professor of Regional Science
Firm/Institution: Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

Cristina Gosling
Dissertation Title: The urbanization of colonial Brazil: an incremental approach
Chair: Findlay, J.

Paul Hess
Dissertation Title: Pedestrians, networks, and neighborhoods: A study of walking within medium density, mixed-use environments in the Puget Sound Region
Chair: Moudon, A
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: University of Toronto

Kevin Krizek
Dissertation Title: Relationships between neighborhood-scale urban form, travel behavior, and residential location: implications for land use and transportation planning and policy
Chair: Waddell, P.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: University of Colorado

Ali Pirzadeh
Dissertation Title: The impact of the Structural Adjustment Program in Romania
Chair: Pivo, G.

Marion Ryan Sinclair 
Dissertation Title: The experience of exclusion: strategies of adaptation among immigrants in post-apartheid urban South Africa
Chair: Spain, D.
Position: Associate Professor & Division Head, Department of Civil Engineering
Firm/Institution: Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Yaourai Suthiranart 
Dissertation Title: The transportation crisis in Bangkok: an exploratory evaluation
Chair: Blanco, H.
Position: Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Firm/Institution: Kasetsart University, Bankok, Thailand


Shi Chul Lee 
Dissertation Title: Variation in acceptance of regulatory growth management policy: Korea’s Green Belt Case
Chair: Miller, D.
Position: Dean of Strategy and Finance
Firm/Institution: Kyungpook National University, Korea

Sohyun Park 
Dissertation Title: Planning and design for fringe districts in Downtown Seattle, 1958-1973
Chair: Findlay, J.
Position:Professor & President
Firm/Institution:Seoul National University & Architecture and Urban Research Institute, Korea


Timothy C. Chapin 
Dissertation Title: Urban revitalization tools: assessing the impacts of sports stadia at the microarea level
Chair: Morrill, R.
Position: Professor and Dean
Firm/Institution: Urban and Regional Planning, College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Florida State University

Michael LaFond 
Dissertation Title:From Century 21 to Local Agenda 21: Sustainable Development and Local Urban Communities in East and West Berlin (Germany), and Seattle (United States)
Chair: Miller, D.

Sekyung Oh 
Dissertation Title:The Relationship between Resident Satisfaction and Apartment Forms: A Case Study in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea
Chair: Moudon, A.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: Dong-A University, Pusan, South Korea


Kiril Stanilov 
Dissertation Title: Urban Growth, Land Use Change, and Metropolitan Restructuring: The Case of Greater Seattle, 1960-90
Chair: Moudon, A.
Position: Senior Research Associate
Firm/Institution: University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture

I-Shian Suen 
Dissertation Title: Measuring Sprawl: A Study of Residential Development Pattern and its Impacts on Infrastructure Costs in King County, Washington
Chair: Bell, E.


Laura M. Grosso 
Dissertation Title:Computing Collaboration: A Study on the Potential of Model Building to Facilitate Urban Water Supply Planning in Selected Cities of Zimbabwe, Estonia and Sweden
Chair: Mar, B.

Miles G. Logsdon 
Dissertation Title: Modeling land cover change under conditions of multi-scaled spatial data: an application of landscape ecology in environmental planning
Chair: Westerlund, F.
Position: Principal Lecturer & Director of Spatial Analysis Lab, the Ocean Technology Center, and the ERIS observatory
Firm/Institution: University of Washington School of Oceanography

John J. Pittari 
Dissertation Title:Practical Idealism: Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and the Modern American City Planning Movement
Chair: Hancock, J.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: College of Architecture, Design & Construction, Auburn University

Rodney Sakrison 
Dissertation Title:Summer Water Use in Compact Communities: The Effect of Small Lots and Growth Management Plans on Single-Family Water Use in King County, Washington
Chair: Mar, B.

Loren Siebert 
Dissertation Title: Creating a GIS Spatial History of Tokyo
Chair: Hancock, J.

Catherine Tuttle
Dissertation Title: Being Outside: How High and Low Income Residents of Seattle Perceive, Use and Value Urban Open Space
Chair: Moudon, A.


Dena Assaf
Dissertation Title: From Stones to Structures: A Sustainable Future for Development in the West Bank–Palestine.
Chair: Ryan, D.
Position: Deputy Director
Firm/Institution: UN DOCO (Development Operations Coordination Office)

Dale Grenier
Dissertation Title: Perspectives on African-American attitudes toward the importance and value of the natural environment
Chair: Hancock, J.

Min Jay Kang
Dissertation Title: Urban Transformation and Adaptation in Bangka, Taipei: Marginalization of a Historical Core
Chair: Hancock, J.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: National Taiwan University

Nicholas C. Zaferatos 
Dissertation Title: Political Sovereignty in Native American Community Development: Implications for Tribal Planning Strategies
Chair: Miller, D.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: Western Washington University, Environmental Studies


Lik Meng Lee
Dissertation Title: A Method for Generating Alternative Land Use Plans Using GIS Modeling Techniques
Chair: Bell, E.


Lawrence D. Frank 
Dissertation Title: An Analysis of Relationships between Urban Form and Travel Behavior
Chair: Pivo, G.
Position: Professor and Bombardier Chair
Firm/Institution: School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia

Yoon-Ha Kim 
Dissertation Title:Land Evaluation for a Strategic Site Selection of Regional Parks: The Case of Recreational Land Use Planning in Korea
Chair: Westerlund, F.

Seiko Kitajima 
Dissertation Title:The State, Capital, and Social Forces: Mutsu-Ogawara Kaihatsu–The Political Economy of Japanese Regional Development Planning
Chair: Ludwig, R.
Position: Faculty of Humanities
Firm/Institution: Hirosaki University, Japan

Zeynep Merey 
Dissertation Title: From Traditional House to Apartment House: Continuity and Change in Istanbul’s Residential Neighborhoods
Chair: Hancock, J.
Position: Professor
Firm/Institution: Department of City and Regional Planning, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul

Rose Wong 
Dissertation Title: Sweet Cakes, Long Journey: A Social and Urban History of Portland, Oregon’s First Chinatown
Chair: Ryan, D.
Position: Associate Professor
Firm/Institution: Asian Studies Department, Seattle University


Norman A. Abbott 
Dissertation Title: Variables Associated with the Effectiveness of Growth Management and Planning Tools
Chair: Pivo, G.
Position: Director of Growth Management Planning
Firm/Institution: Puget Sound Regional Council

Rocky E. Piro, Jr 
Dissertation Title: Growth Management in an Urban Regional Context: The Contemporary Transformation of Regional Development Planning from a Governance Perspective
Chair: Miller, D.
Position: Executive Director
Firm/Institution: Colorado Center for Sustainable Urbanism, Denver


Karen Glatzel 
Dissertation Title: Planning Response to the Physical Impacts of Sea-Level Change on Coastal Land Use
Chair: Grey, A.

Kwang Joong Kim 
Dissertation Title: Regulatory Impacts on Suburban Residential Forms: a case
Chair: Moudon, A
Firm/Institution: Seoul National University

Berhane Mehary 
Dissertation Title: An Integrated Model for Appropriate Planning and Design for Transitional Urban Settlements in Developing Countries with Emphasis on Eritrean and Ethiopean Communities
Chair: Westerlund, F.

Faisal A. Mubarak 
Dissertation Title: Urbanization, Urban Policy and City Form: Urban Development in Saudi Arabia
Chair: Handcock, J.


Kerry Brooks 
Dissertation Title: Lots of Space: An Analysis of Mandated Open Spaces in the Unincorporated Subdivisions of King County, Washington
Chair: Miller, D.
Position: Professor of Urban Planning, Public and Health Administration
Firm/Institution: Eastern Washington University


Farouk Seif
Dissertation Title: Semiotics and Urban Morphogenesis: Metaphysical Aspects of Ancient Egyptian Monumentality as a Theoretical Approach to urban Form
Chair: Nyberg, F.
Position: Professor Emeritus
Firm/Institution: Antioch University, Seattle

Abdulrad Zamzami 
Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study of the Retail Structure as an Approach to Contemporary Arab-Islamic Planning
Chair: Grey, A.


Roger Boden
Dissertation Title: The Urban Designer as Interpretant–A Case Study from a Developing Country
Chair: Ryan, D.
Position: Architect, Town Planner, and Urban Designer
Firm/Institution: Johannesberg, South Africa

Chang Kee Min
Dissertation Title: The Interaction between Institutions of Higher Education and High-Technology Industry: Two Empirical Case Studies of Selected Factors in Korea
Chair: Ryan, D.

Thomas Church 
Dissertation Title: Cultural Ethic and the Urban Landscape: A Basis for Sustained Community
Chair: Johnson


Steven Kian-Koon Choo
Dissertation Title: Urban Renewal Planning for City States: A Case Study of Singapore
Chair: Wolfe
Position: Independent Non-Executive Director
Firm/Institution: Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited, Singapore

Verel Thaxton 
Dissertation Title: A Guidance Model on the Points of Influence in the Role of the Educational Planner in the Planning and Decision Making Process
Chair: Grey, A.