University of Washington

UW Sites Network


The UW Sites Network provides a web publishing service for UW faculty, staff and students. It uses the open-source WordPress application. Features include:

  • Easy to get a site up and running within minutes.
  • Sites have a default UW theme and branding.
  • The service is administered by UW-IT so site owners don’t have to deal with installation.
  • Ability to administer site by logging in with your NetID: no need to remember a new password.

By visiting the UW Sites Network Home you can view sites on the network as well as explore the documentation.


Current faculty, staff and students are eligible to create a site. Once created, the site owner can designate any other UW NetID they so choose to assist in administering the site.

Activating Your Site

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with the UWNetID that you wish to use for the new site.
  3. Congratulations, your site is now activated and ready for use. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the URL of the new site.

Getting Help

The Your First Site page is the entry point for documentation about the UW Sites Network. Common tasks, FAQs, and additional details are included.

If your question is not answered by the UW Sites Network documentation, please email for assistance.