Overview of Project

The Diversity Center Archive in contribution with the archives in the University of Washington Bothell//Cascadia College Library and the University of Washington Libraries was established to preserve the history and work of the UW Bothell community by creating the UWB Diversity Center through giving access and showing the power of individuals coming together towards a shared goal. With the support and dedication of the UW Bothell faculty, staff, and students that contributed and led its direction and inception, we were able to compile a substantial number of contributions that are comprised in the archive. The contributions consist of interviews, photos, audio recordings, documents, videos, a timeline, glossary, transcripts, and more.

The UWB Diversity Center is a space dedicated to creating a place for minoritized and underrepresented students. This is a place “by students for students”. The center was implemented through the devoted activism of the student’s that saw its need and the facility and administration support that later led to it’s creation.

This archive is a space to collect and present the powerful narratives and voices of the individuals who steadfastly committed to the Diversity Center implementation to create change through this grant funded project. The visual and tangible collection within the archive is aiming to gather the stories from the long 5 year history to future years. The wide array of work will be presented as authentically as possible through research to attest to the idea of giving power to the disenfranchised and creating a counter-narrative to be told for years to come.  

Special thanks to Taylor Hiner, Mariam Ashmawi, Denise Hattwig, and Miguel Macias for being at the forefront of this project in showing how the power of narrative can tell the story of the Diversity Center, through activism and shared resistance.


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