Explanation of Terms: 

Implementation Committee (and co-chairs) – A group of undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty that provided input and support to University personnel with a goal of opening the center by the beginning of May 2017.

Steering Committee – A group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff that was charged by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in June of 2016 to provide recommendations for the UW Bothell Diversity Center.

STF (Student Technology Fee Committee)Established to help supplement the availability of technology to UWB students and to provide opportunities for innovative facilities and projects that require capital investment. Funding for projects are made on a yearly-basis, hence proposals made to the committee should not be contingent upon subsequent years of funding.

Student Assistant/Employee – A student who works for the university usually providing administrative support within an area of division of the university.

Student Success Center (SSC) – The Student Success Center is located on the first floor of UW1 right across from the Diversity Center. The student staff and prostaff are there to help students move through their own learning processes regarding identifying personal strengths, the direction of major and career paths, working through personal challenges, and taking advantage of opportunities for high impact learning such as Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice, Community Based Learning and Research, and Internships.

Testing Center/Room – Part of and administered the Disability and Resources for Students division  within Student Affairs. The testing center provides alternative testing accommodations which can be facilitated by the faculty member, academic department, or through the DRS Testing Center.

SAF (Services & Activities Committee) – Services and Activities Fees (SAF) are charged to all registered students for the express purpose of funding student services and programs. The level and distribution of the fee is recommended by the SAF Committee, approved by the chancellor, and authorized by the Board of Regents for each academic year. Annual requests must be for programs, services, and activities that will occur between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

ASUWB (Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell) – Student government leaders elected by their fellow classmates and peers. They are the official representative voice for all students within the university and exist to empower our student body by enhancing the entire student experience by supporting and/or drafting policy that promote student interests, needs, and welfare.

Division of Student Affairs – More commonly referred to as just Student Affairs, collaborates with students in providing services and opportunities which fosters student engagement, holistic well-being, personal and professional development, leadership, and experiential learning. Some branches of this division include the counseling center, career services, student conduct, orientation programs, student engagement activities, residential life, and the Diversity Center itself.

FASA (Filipino American Student Association)A club on campus dedicated to establishing a solid foundation of diverse individuals using social justice, heritage, culture, leadership, and community.

BSU (Black Student Union)- A student organization on campus dedicated to encouraging and building a diverse and productive representation of the black community.

LSU (Latinx Student Union) A club on campus that seeks to increase Latinx awareness  through cultural, social, academic, and professional events that portrays diversity and different Latin American cultures.

SUPER-G – A committee created for space allocation on campus and one which designated the space for the center.

ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) – A 3 floor building on campus consisting of a gym and multiple locations for students to gather and socialize. The location where many large events, dining, and resources are found and take place on campus.

Program Manager – An employee at the Diversity Center who directly manages Student Assistants, the program, plans, and overall schedules in and of the diversity center.    

Husky Herald – A student-run  newspaper serving the UWB community.

Pride Alliance – A club on the UWB campus committed to creating a safe and supportive space for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

Commons- A space on the UWB campus in the UW2 building for students to gather and sit in.

Diversity Council- An advisory body that is seeking to define the diversity initiatives to guide and coordinate the diversity mission to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Truly House- A building on campus where many professors hold offices in.   

Reflection Space- A space on campus for different groups used for reflection or prayer with majority being Muslim Students.

UWB Student Diversity Council- A council dedicated to bring student voices on issues of diversity and equity by recommending and advising the campus community through research, discussing, and drafting statements showing what will best serve marginalized students on campus.

AAPI BeSpoken (Asian American Pacific Islander BeSpoken)- A movement started by UWB students to with a mission of creating a platform for Asian American Pacific Islanders to express and bring light to the past and present AAPI leaders.

Diversity Team: A group ticket that ran for ASUWB positions consisting of students such as Dominick Juarez, Aretha Basu, and Umar Sayed to promote and further the Diversity Center movement.

Diversity Council: An  advisory body that was established to guide progress in creating the commitment to diversity stated in the mission statement through advising the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors and making recommendations.

Makerspace: A free resource space on campus in Discovery Hall that is a designated creative location with equipment for curricular or outside projects.

SEA (Student Engagement & Activities): An organization on campus dedicated to creating a space for students through supporting diverse programs and clubs.

Career Services: A resource and space on campus that offers counseling, advice, guidance, recommendations, suggestions, and opportunities in jobs and education.

IDEA Project (Identity Dialogue Expression Action): A space on campus that was founded by UWB students to share the many experiences and talents of students through meeting to design and coordinate events, projects, programs, and collaborate for student expression and voice.

SJOs (Social Justice Organizers): A club on campus founded in fall 2014 dedicated to creating and promoting a campus climate and culture that respects and celebrates diversity through educational programs and events relating to race, gender, sexuality, ability, social justice, power and privilege, student voice, and more.

Alumni Council: The University of Washington Bothell Alumni Council with the University of Washington Bothell and UWAA is dedicated to representing the school’s graduates and alumni to connect with others.  

CEB (Campus Events Board): Board of students on campus that creates, builds, and caters to events and programs hosted by students.

DRS (Disability Resources for Students): A space on campus offering resources and committed to ensuring access to students with disability as an aspect of diversity.

Gender Equity  Club: A club on campus dedicated to create resources and to support gender equity for all  on campus.

S.A.V.E (Sexual Assault and Violence Education):  A student led organization made up of survivors and allies focused on education, advocacy, and support at UWB to educate about sexual violence and relationship violence.

THE SPOT (Students in Partnership for Organized Transformation):  A space on campus dedicated to establishing an inclusive community for all through resources and support.