So great to see many colleagues across UW Bothell and the broader UW community. This is one of my favorite events of the year! Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-jumping-photo-127968/

Symposium 2020

Being here, I was thinking that I should probably do something to share a bit more about my system for developing online lectures with other faculty. They are unique in that they use green screen to embed the presenter into the slides. I’ve spent a lot of time refining it, so it could save other […]

Todd is AWESOME!

Todd is awesome! How is he awesome? Let me count the ways… He takes photographs of flowers on his way to/from work and shares them on Twitter. He is a terrific listener. He’s easy to talk to and with. He eats all the cookies I bring to work. Wait…that might not be awesome…

Big Ideas Gained Thus Far

I am still struggling with the notion of assignments/challenges. Is it just semantics or might it be more substantial than that? Might some students (based on prior experiences) be turned off from the idea of challenges? Loved the idea of web hosting from Mark. Need to learn more!


Changing what I have been teaching for some time now. Have been focusing on South Asia (India / Pakistan) and moving the conversation globally so as to make students’ learning more inclusive.

Cyber Security Awareness

WordPress is a complex software tool supported by large community of developers. It is also a framework that allows plug-ins, themes, and customized from any developer to be integrated into the tool. Need to learn how to be aware how to keep your WordPress up to date.   Here’s a list of widely known vulnerabilities […]

Hi Todd

Todd says: Type some sentences. If feeling particularly frisky add multi-media. Whatever you would like. Deep thoughts onto this page. No pressure. Type some sentences like this web page, The Four English Sentence Types, about typing sentences.

Stacey’s E-learning Symposium Thoughts

How do we use learning technologies to support teaching/training/development, when you may never meet your student? How can we improve classes/training in the “new” or “digital” space we work in? How can we support others hesitant to embrace digital literacy? Challenge them. 🙂

Notes and Ideas

eLearning Symposium 2019! Here are the notes and ideas I’ve jotted down so far this morning: Create digital album of photos related to an experience away from the screen (research experience?)  Online learning that is 100% mobile phone accessible – South America?? http://anth101.com/ – assignment vs. challenge – an assignment connotes a grade – does […]

Todd rocks! :)

Glad to see so many familiar faces at this event, and learn about fantastic new stuff…! And if you didn’t see this tonight, enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mt_oVXyidM Paola

Jumping in!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here today and excited/nervous to be presenting this afternoon. Already I’m getting so much fuel and new ideas for my session… the benefit of being in a room full of smart, passionate people. I’d like to make your day a little better by sharing Keanu Reeves Walking to Music. […]

No rubber bands here

Even though not all of the presentations feel relevant to me, I am enjoying having the space to think about digital learning ideas for my upcoming class this fall. For example, I like to play music at the start of class but I feel awkward about what music it is. I now plan to assign […]

I like WordPress

We use WordPress in my organization for our knowledge base. However, we are not optimizing the capacity, because we have all of the interactive features turned off! No comments, no ability to edit, etc.

Welcome to the Symposium!

Please join us for our Fifth Annual eLearning Symposium! (Registration link) This year we will focus on our rich opportunities for collaboration in academic spaces. Topics ranging from using tools like Zoom in our courses with students to discovering ways we can share our learning as educators, we will explore some of the ways our […]