It is mDr. Jennifer Besty pleasure as acting meeting chair, to provide the October 2020 GMEC Update for our community.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Debra Cherry on her $175K SHIP grant from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for projects to improve reproductive health for Washington workers
  • Congratulations to our newly approved Program Directors:
    • Dr. Kathleen Kieran (Pediatric Urology – 1 year interim)
    • Dr. Sarah Prager (Complex Family Planning)


  • Complex Family Planning, previously a non-ACGME fellowship program, is applying for ACGME accreditation (see PD approval above).


  • The GMEC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Executive Task Force, chaired by Dr. Byron Joyner and Dr. Barbara Goff (Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology) had its first meeting this past week. The Task Force voted to approve a long-standing GMEC-sponsored EDI Subcommittee. They will begin to write the charter for approval by the GMEC next month.
  • GMEC approved a charter for a newly formed GMEC Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Subcommittee to better integrate, elevate and support accountability for efforts to enhance the CLER focus area: Patient Safety, Health Care Quality (including Disparities), Teaming and Supervision. Though outside of the current charter, Well-Being and Professionalism efforts, also included in the CLER program, are actively ongoing.


  • Dr. John Scott presented an update on Telemedicine programs across UW Medicine.


  • Please see the GME website for information on a slew of upcoming events including:
    • “Family Planning and Fertility and Navigating Parental Leave for Resident Physicians” (10/7)
    • Dr. Bill McDade, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for the ACGME will be a GMEC-sponsored virtual Visiting Professor (10/8, 3:00-5:00pm).
    • The second NURF Diversity Recruitment Open House (10/12).
    • Program Director Development Series – Fall Curriculum: Implicit Bias in Candidate Selection and Navigating Vulnerability and Shame in Medical Education) (10/19)


Jennifer Best, MD
Associate Dean, Accreditation and Education
Graduate Medical Education, UW Medicine