Our Team

The Graduate Medicine Education Office is led by Dr. Byron Joyner, Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official; Dr. Jennifer Best, Associate Dean, Accreditation and Education; and Cindy Hamra, Assistant Dean, Operations and Administration.

The GME Office is divided into four functional units:

  • Accreditation and Education
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Operations and Administration
  • Finance

GME Leadership

Dr. Byron Joyner

Byron Joyner, MD, MPA

Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Designated Institutional Official

Phone: 206.616.7656
Email: bjoyner@uw.edu
Assistant: Tammy Ramirez

Dr. Jennifer Best

Jennifer Best, MD

Associate Dean, Accreditation and Education

  • Professional Development for Program Directors and Teaching Faculty
  • Resident and Fellow Educational Programming
  • Special Reviews
  • Diversity Initiatives

Phone: 206.616.5210
Email: jabest@uw.edu
Assistant: Natalie Brady

Cindy Hamra

Cindy Hamra, JD, MA

Assistant Dean, Operations and Administration

  • UWHA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
  • Remediation
  • GME Position Allocation Committee (GMEPAC)

Phone: 206.685.5647
Email: hamrac@uw.edu
Assistant: Lani Wall

Accreditation and Education

Hadar Duman

Hadar Duman

Director of Accreditation

  • ACGME Institutional and Program Requirements
  • Annual Program Evaluations
  • Site Visits
  • Special Reviews

Phone: 206.616.2961
Email: hadars@uw.edu

Incho Lee

Incho Lee, PhD

Director of Education

  • Educational Quality Improvement
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • Alignment of Curriculum and Assessment Systems with ACGME Requirements/Expectations

Phone: 206.685.0252
Email: ilee@uw.edu

Laurentia Hartomo

Laurentia Hartomo

Accreditation Specialist

  • Accreditation Agreements (PLAs, Affiliation Agreement, Rotation Requests)
  • Accreditation Activities (ADS Updates, ACGME Site Visits, ACGME Correspondence)
  • Accreditation Data Management (Surveys, Reports, and Dashboards)

Phone: 206.616.1503
Email: lhartomo@uw.edu

Natalie Brady

Natalie Brady

Learning Environment Specialist

  • Executive Administrator to Dr. Best
  • Event Planning (PDDS, GME 101 & 102, Resident & Fellow events)
  • Education and Accreditation Project Management

Phone: 206.616.8286
Email: nybrady@uw.edu


Hayley Fisher

Hayley Fisher

Director, Housestaff Affairs

  • UWHA Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Outside Work Requests
  • Resident/Fellow Orientation

Phone: 206.616.8608
Email: hfisher1@uw.edu


Angela James

Housestaff Affairs Specialist

  • Graduation Certificates
  • Outside Work Requests and Volunteer Activities
  • Visiting Residents

Phone: 206.543.3065
Email: ang226@uw.edu

Gabrielle Pett

Gabrielle Pett, MHA

Senior Director, Business Affairs

  • Non-ACGME Accredited Programs
  • Visas (J-1, H-1B) and ECFMG TPL
  • NRMP and ERAS Institutional Administrator
  • Special Projects

Phone: 206.543.0069
Email: nathangl@uw.edu

Khrystine Buccat

Khrystine Buccat

Appointment Manager

  • Credentialing, ACGME and non-ACGME Trainees
  • Housestaff Appointment Processes
  • MedHub, Appointments and Terminations

Phone: 206.221.1452
Email: kbuccat@uw.edu

Liz Fawthrop

Liz Fawthrop

Float Administrator

  • Float Administrator Support for Programs
  • Program Administrator Advisory Council (PAAC)
  • Special Projects

Email: fawthrop@uw.edu

Tammy Ramirez

Tammy Ramirez

Executive Assistant to Byron Joyner MD, MPA

  • GME Office Manager

Phone: 206.543.6232
Email: tkh971@uw.edu

Lani Wall

Lani Wall

Assistant to Cindy Hamra

  • Committee Staffing
  • Event Planning and Support (Wellness, Orientation)

Phone: 206.616.1504
Email: lwall13@uw.edu


Residency Management and Administration

Ken Cartwright

Computer Services Consultant

  • MedHub Helpdesk Support
  • MedHub Training and Orientation
  • MedHub Data Archiving and Maintenance

Phone: 206.543.1079
Email: kencart@uw.edu

Alyson Reighley

Alyson Reighley

Residency Management System Administrator

  • Consultation on MedHub Usage Best Practices
  • Work Hours Policy and Reporting
  • Institutional MedHub Reporting

Phone: 206.221.4585
Email: reighley@uw.edu

Resident and Fellow Wellness Service

Dipti Chrastka

Dipti Chrastka, LMFT

Director, GME Wellness Service

  • Counseling – Individuals, Couples, Groups
  • Community Building Events
  • Wellness Corner Newsletter

Phone: 206.744.0655
Email: diptic@uw.edu

Julia Kocian

Julia Kocian LICSW, MPH

Mental Health Counselor

  • Counseling – Individuals, Couples, Groups
  • Community Building Events
  • Wellness Corner Newsletter

Phone: 206.543.6408
Email: jkocian@uw.edu

Andrei Dandescu

Mental Health Counselor

  • Counseling – Individuals, Couples, Groups
  • Community Building Events
  • Wellness Corner Newsletter
  • Based at SCH

Email: andreid@uw.edu 

Learning Gateway

Jon Anscher

Director of eLearning

  • eLearning Project Intake
  • eLearning Development Oversight
  • Resident eLearning Program Management
  • Learning Gateway Budget Management

Phone: 206.616.0184
Email: janscher@uw.edu

Amy Law

Instructional Designer

  • eLearning Design and Development
  • eLearning Project Management

Phone: 206.685.5226
Email: amylaw@uw.edu

Caleb Pong

LMS Senior Analyst

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Administration
  • LMS Registrations
  • LMS Reporting

Phone: 206.543.2119
Email: pongkai@uw.edu

Joe Wilson

Lead eLearning User Experience Designer

  • User Experience Design and Graphic Design
  • eLearning Development
  • Learning Gateway Website Development, Testing and Maintenance

Phone: 206.905.4523
Email: joewilso@uw.edu

GME Finance

Jennifer Paul, JD, MPAC

Director of Finance

  • Single Source Budgeting and Finance Reporting
  • Policy and Procedure Development in Support of GME Finance Operations
  • GME Financial Activity and Policy Management
  • Medicare Reporting and Compliance

Phone: 206.616.6465
Email: jpaul2@uw.edu


Casey Dalluge

Finance Manager

  • Billing and Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Modeling

Email: cdalluge@uw.edu

Brian Culver

Fiscal Specialist

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Scheduling Policy/Training
  • Reconciliations

Phone: 206.221.3313
Email: culver@uw.edu

Audrey Lee

Fiscal Specialist

  • Budgets Expense/Revenue Coordination
  • Financial Records Reconciliation
  • Single Source Agreements Tracking

Phone: 206.616.9251
Email: minhl@uw.edu

Quality and Patient Safety

Lindee Strizich

Lindee Strizich, MD

Director, GME Quality and Safety

  • Quality Improvement
  • Patient Safety
  • Care Transitions

Email: lstrizic@uw.edu

Chenwei Wu, MD

GME Director, Housestafff Quality and Safety Committee (HQSC)

  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Curriculum Development
  • Facilitation of Quality Initiatives
  • Development of Best Practices

Email: chenwei.wu2@va.gov




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