Program Administrators

Program Administrator Appointments

The GME Office organizes half-day orientations for new program administrators to meet with members of the GME Office.  Questions about orientations, including how to schedule, can be sent to Gabrielle Pett at

Program Administrator Meetings

The GME Office hosts bimonthly meetings for program administrators from ACGME and non-ACGME programs.  Topics include GME updates, accreditation, appointments and credentialing, professional development, and best practice sharing.  Meetings are in person and are held at UW Health Sciences and UW Medicine SLU campus.

Program Administrator Toolkit

The PA Toolkit is an online tool for sharing resources and best practices with other UW GME program administrators.  Content areas include: ACGME Self-Study and Site Visits, ACGME Survey, Annual Program Evaluations (APEs), Clinical Competency Committees (CCCs), Evaluations, MedHub Best Practices, Onboarding, Orientations, and Recruitment.

Resource Sharing: Do you have resources/best practices to share on the Toolkit?  Email

Program Administrator Advisory Council (PAAC)

The UW GME Program Administrator Advisory Council (PAAC) was created in 2015 to address the needs of program administrators and identify opportunities for professional development.   This standing council is comprised of program administrators and GME Office staff.  Through ongoing information sharing between the PAAC and GME Office, the Council will act to identify, develop and disseminate resources to help foster the professional development of UW GME program administrators.  These include:

  • Process improvements in residency/fellowship management
  • Resources for optimal administrative oversight of programs
  • Topics for program administrator meetings
  • Topics for the Program Administrator Development Workshops
  • Best practices in residency/fellowship management
  • Community building and wellness activities
  • Desired communication methods
  • Recognition activities for program administrators

Questions for the PAAC?  You can either contact members directly or at

PAAC Members 

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