Welcome to the University of Washington Housestaff Quality and Safety Committee, a trainee-led organization focused on developing future clinician leaders dedicated to improving patient care through housestaff education, multidisciplinary collaboration, and engagement in quality and safety.

About Us

The University of Washington Housestaff Quality & Safety Committee (HQSC) is a trainee-led organization chartered under UW Graduate Medical Education and the UW Patient Safety & Quality Coordinating Committee that strives to engage trainees in the quality and safety work pursued everywhere throughout UW Medicine. Formed in 2011, HQSC membership today boasts more than 80 residents and fellows representing 37 medical and surgical specialties. The group meets throughout the year to learn improvement methodology, leadership skills, and change management strategies. In addition to developing and engaging future clinician leaders in healthcare quality and safety, the HQSC provides a housestaff perspective on these important matters to committees across UW Medicine.