Precision Forestry Cooperative


Dr. L. Monika Moskal is the PFC Director (2013 – present), she is a Professor specializing in  Remote Sensing at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS), within the College of the Environment. She serves as the Associate Director of SEFS. Dr. Moskal’s office is in Bloedel 382, she can be reached at (206) 225-1510 or

Dr. Meghan Halabisky is a remote sensing research scientist with the PFC/RSGAL. Her research focus in on wetlands and she is the co-lead on the NASA funded CMS Teal Carbon Project within the PFC.

Dr. Susan Prichard is a forest ecologist with a specialty in fire ecology. She work with the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory (U.S. Forest Service) in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Kathleen Wolf is a research social scientist, some of her work includes Green Cities and Health project.

Jonathan Kane is a remote sensing specialist, who work across the labs within the PFC.

Saba Saberi is a landscape ecology specialist working with Dr. Kane’s RRAMS lab.

Maureen Duane is a Project Manager and Stakeholder Communications with a background in forestry and remote sensing. Maureen works on the NASA Carbon Monitoring System funded projects Teal Carbon (Dr. Moskal and Dr. Halabisky) and Regional Biomass Carbon Dynamics (Dr. Kane) as well several projects mapping fuel characteristics and fire behavior/effects (Dr. Prichard).

The PFC is comprised of three research laboratories and one research group:

  • Forest Resilience Laboratory, lead by Dr. Van Kane, works with Restoring Resilience at Multiple Scales (RRAMS) using LiDAR to guide burned landscape recovery and restoration.
  • Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory (RSGAL), lead by Dr. L. Monika Moskal, strives to understand the fine details of spatiotemporal resolution multidimensional ecosystem processes & functions,  through the application of innovative geospatial techniques and datasets.
  • Spatial Optimization Laboratory (SOL), lead by Dr. Sandor Toth, develops quantitative decision support tools to aid forest and natural resource management. SOL is particularly interested in building and testing mathematical models that can quantify and visualize the resource trade-offs and production possibilities between conflicting management objectives.
  • Natural Resource Spatial Informatics Group (NRSIG), lead by Luke Rogers, provides technologies and expertise for analyzing forestry and agricultural issues, specializing in large spatial scales and big data. NRSIG’s goal is to enable landscape, state, and regional scale analyses while simultaneously using the highest resolution data sets available.

PFC has strong collaborations with the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station (Dr. Hans-Erik Andersen a past PFC researcher, Bob McGaughey and Dr. Jocob Strunk) and the USGA (Dr. Christian Torgersen). PFC has an active Advisory Board comprising of private, public and non-profit sectors.

Past PFC Directors

Past PFC Staff

  • Megan O’Shea  – retired end of 2019