Political Economy Forum Podcast #6 – Misconceptions about Liberalism, Academic Freedom and Science


Guests: Professor Victor Menaldo, co-founder of the Political Economy Forum, Jesse – a friend of the Forum who works for a Big Tech company, and co-hosted by Nicolas Wittstock, Wesley Fellow with the Forum and PhD student in Political Science at the University of Washington.


This episode is a conversation between Professor Victor Menaldo, Jesse – a friend of the forum who works for a Big Tech company – and Nicolas Wittstock. The conversation revolves around a recent piece published on Areo, authored by Victor Menaldo that discusses modern threats to Liberal Democracy around the globe.


Other related work mentioned in the podcast:

North, Wallis, and Weingast (2009) – Violence and Social Orders

Diamond et al (2020) – Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified

Menaldo (2016) – Ignoring the Prosperity Puzzle

Levi and Menaldo (2015) – The New Economic Institutionalism in Historical Perspective

Albertus and Menaldo (2018) – Authoritarianism & the Elite Origins of Democracy

Political Economy Forum Podcast #5 – Populism vs Liberal Democracy

Political Economy Forum Podcast #4 – The End of Capitalism?

Neither Free Nor Fair #1 – Democratic Backsliding in the International Environment

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