UW Tacoma 25Live Blog

October 16, 2018

Customizing your dashboard in 25Live

In 25Live the Dashboard is the home screen. From here, you can perform quick searches for events and locations, have immediate access to the spaces that you have marked as favorites, or access reservations linked to your account (if applicable). The Dashboard is customizable; if desired, you may hide various sections of the Dashboard to streamline your view.

To learn more about the Dashboard and how to customize yours visit: http://apps.tacoma.uw.edu/25live-training/node/36/take.

If you are not already logged into Opigno you will need to click on the UWNetID Login link and login.

Happy Customizing!

The 25Live Project Implementation Team
Ana Marie Alameda, BrieAnna Bales, Bill Fritz, Jeremy Homolka, Hal Tippens