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May 14, 2019

Scheduling After Hours

Are you ever trying to schedule a space and it shows the space as unavailable due to blackout or location hours/closed?  Below are details on how you request space during blackouts or outside of closed/location hours.

1.  It is possible to reserve space during the closed hours or the blackout hours during break weeks. It is best practice to connect with the space scheduler first to inform them of the after-hour reservation.
2.  The space scheduler will suggest a placeholder date/time that you will use when completing your event wizard. In the Comments to the Scheduler field, indicate the actual date and times; include any desired pre- or post-event times.
3.  Review the reservation confirmation for accuracy. If necessary, follow up with the space scheduler for edits.

Space Schedulers

Ana Marie Alameda
Academic Spaces

Zvon Casanova
UWY and DawgHouse

Jet Hegenauer
Campus Event Spaces