UW Tacoma 25Live Blog

July 16, 2019

25Live Pro is Now Live!

25Live Pro is now live at UW Tacoma! Please use this link to ensure you are in the latest version of the system: https://tacoma.uw.edu/25live. I suggest that you spend a few minutes watching these tutorial videos, created by the talented Zvon Casanova in the Center of Student Involvement, to help you navigate the new system:

I also suggest you bookmark the 25Live Help Center, which contains the support guides, FAQS, and tutorial videos for our campus: https://www.tacoma.uw.edu/uuf/25live/help

Finally, there will be a 25live drop-in session at 1pm today in Science Building room 109. I will spend just a few minutes at the start of the hour walking through the new interface and then will hang around until 2pm for questions or assistance. I am also happy to meet with you at another time if you’re not able to attend today.

Please send an email to me directly at silvaa@uw.edu if you have any questions or comments.