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Image of Space Shuttle Endeavor above Salish Sea and Cascade Range
Open bay of the Space Shuttle Endeavor above the Salish Sea and Cascade range, courtesy NASA, photo ID:  sts047-151-488

Over the Summer of 2018, the Library decided to launch a new platform so that we can better share all of the amazing ways we connect with our communities in support of the missions of UW Tacoma and the UW Libraries.

Our goals with this blog are simple: Tell stories about the Library and its staff, resources, and spaces. In doing so, we want to show how we consistently help students, staff, faculty, and members of the wider community achieve their goals.

But we also want to change the way you see the Library and its staff. The Library is much more than a building and a collection of books and resources. It is a vital participant in the the teaching, learning, inquiry, and discovery at UW Tacoma. Through this blog we strive to make this work and collaborations more visible.

Librarian Johanna Kiciman put together a collection of “Library Impact Stories” from data collected during the most recent Triennial Survey, a tri-campus assessment that is conducted every three years by the UW Library. You will likely see some of these on the campus electronic screens, and I include a few here to show some of the ways we connect with the campus community.

Graphic: Number of Research Questions Answered


Visual: Total number of visitors to Library


Quote from faculty member explaining library research support.

These statistics and quotes just scratch the surface of all that happens as a result of the Library and its staff. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ve got more Library stories to tell about technology, exhibits, book groups, outstanding collections, and much more. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay informed.

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