3D Printing is Back!

Chicks and Hens in a 3D printed planter

Fall quarter is here and it is a good time to remind folks that the Library has a 3D printer you can use. You can read more about the 3D printer, the materials we use to print, and the rules governing the printer over on the Learning and Research Commons web site.

For students, prints are completely free and there is practically no limit to how much material you can use. If you want to print something just email Tim Bostelle. He can help guide you through your first print job or get you set up so that you can print on your own.

For faculty and staff, Tim is also willing to help you print objects for your coursework or work with you and your students on special projects. Just drop him an email so that he can schedule things with you.

And before anyone asks; no, you can’t print a “gun”. Weapons are illegal on campus and obviously… printing a weapon on campus would violate that law.

And finally, Tim wrote this and referred to himself in the third person the entire time. This made Tim uncomfortable.


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