New UW Open Access Policy: Faculty Training

On October 30, 2018, Liz Bedford, Scholarly Publishing Outreach Librarian for the UW Libraries, and Justin Wadland, Associate Director and Head, Digital Scholarship Program, for UW Tacoma Library, presented on the new UW Open Access Policy

Both of us serve on the UW Libraries Open Access Policy Implementation Team, a tri-campus group charged with planing and developing the systems, services, and resources needed to effectively carry out the policy.  Ka Yee Yeung, a professor in the School of Engineering and Technology, and the current chair of the UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly, requested that we offer this training on the UW Tacoma campus after seeing that a version of it was being offered on the UW Seattle campus for Open Access Week.

In preparing this presentation, our goals were to:

  • Introduce UW Tacoma faculty to the UW Open Access Policy and what kinds of scholarly publications it covers.
  • Present and receive feedback on the principles the implementation team is using to guide its work.
  • Share the ways that the Library currently supports open access at UW Tacoma through digital repository services and author profiles.
  • Explore the wider environment of scholarly communications and the open access movement.

We recorded the presentation, and because we had brief discussions after each section (which are not included), we’ve split the presentation into three parts. (Original presentation slides can be downloaded from the UW Tacoma website.)

View Open Access and Beyond, Part 1: Introducing the UW’s Faculty OA Policy (UW login required)

Title slide to presentation: Open Access and Beyond
Goes to first part of presentation. UW login required. (24:16)

View Open Access and Beyond, Part 2: UW Tacoma Efforts to Promote OA (UW login required)

Title slide for second section discussing Library efforts to promote open access at UW Tacoma.
Goes to second part presentation. UW login required. (14:31)

View Open Access and Beyond, Part 3: Access to Scholarship: The Bigger Picture (UW login required)

Title slide for third section discussing broader issues of access to scholarship
Goes to third part of presentation. UW login required. (20:49)

The UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly Executive Council will be discussing the New Open Access Policy on November 16, and over the next academic year, the UW Tacoma Library will be investigating how to implement the policy locally using tools available to us. If you have questions about the policy, UW Tacoma Digital Commons, or scholarly publishing in general, please feel free to contact us.

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