Stories from our users: UWT Library love!

We love working with the students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community of UW Tacoma — and it’s always nice to hear about it when they love us, too! Here are some quotes from current and former UWT Library users about their favorite things about the library. Thanks a million to every one of you for your kindness and support!

Comments from our friends:

“I practically lived in the library when I was a student because it was the perfect place to complete my work. I had access to knowledgeable librarians and reference assistants, an abundance of online resources and some of the latest technology and software. The library helped me to achieve my fullest, academic potential.”
– Jennifer Hoang, UWT Class of 2018 and Fiscal Specialist I

I love the UWT Library because: “The librarians have gone above and beyond to help me through a difficult project!”
– Chelsea

I love the UWT Library because: “The staff is always super helpful. Sat with me for an hour to find sources through the UWT research database … thank you.”
– Anonymous patron

“I cannot envision the UWT campus *without* the UWT Library. The instruction support, reference desk assistance, collection materials, and engagement with the campus community creates an crucial component of the student experience. Library space is essential to providing these services and to continuing to grow with the campus itself.”
– Chelsea Nesvig, Graduate Reference Assistant (2012 – 2014)

I love the UWT Library because: “Friendly staff are always super helpful!!”
– Reggie

I love the UWT Library because: “Helpful librarians, study rooms, open on Sundays.”
– Anonymous patron

“The library has impacted my research and learning by having knowledgeable staff (Anna Slayer) to help me in the Foundation Center as I learned how to navigate the [databases for grants]. This has opened up a new platform for me to be able to run my nonprofit. Since I’m not a student I not aware of all resources available on campus but by having the foundation center in the library for the public to access is a great resource and is beneficial to the community by having information available and librarians who are well informed.”
– Sasha Hastings, Tacoma community member

I love the UWT Library because: “They have good people here!!! The help is awesome! Resources!”
– Anonymous patron

I love the UWT Library because: “It is a safe space!”
– Anonymous patron

“I think the values that UWT library have added to our campus are academic rigor; facilitation; and common growth … By saying Common Growth, I mean that both the students’ academic competence and the librarian managerial capacity develop together through the daily interactions between the users and the providers, demand and supply, staff and faculty, student and teachers, in terms of enriching the library collection volumes, updating the information intelligence, hosting the seminars/conferences, deepening the relationship with local business/government, and engaging the community resources at City and State levels. The successes of our library and the peers that you serve are reciprocal.”
– Yi (Margaret) Hui, Doctoral program in Educational Leadership ‘16

I love the UWT Library because: “By working here, I realized I want to be a librarian.”
– Anonymous patron

I love the UWT Library because: “I love reading adn all the books and friends I have!”
– Isobel, one of our young visitors

“[The library] was also a comfortable place to synthesize the concepts from classes, ask a million questions, write and study, and it was closer to my home than going all the way to the Seattle campus. Even now as a member of the Tacoma community, even though I have graduated and work at a different school, UWT Library has resources that are not at the Tacoma Public Library, the Pierce County Library System, or at the University of Puget Sound.”
– Hilary Robbeloth, Graduate Reference Assistant (2009-2011) and former UW iSchool student

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