Library Life: Graduate Students, Study Abroad, and Tea Time

Library staff had the delightful opportunity this past Tuesday to listen to our graduate student employees talk about their study abroad programs.

As part of their coursework for their Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from the University of Washington, Erika, Kari and Zoe traveled to New Zealand, Australia, and The Netherlands, learning about information organization, children’s literature, indigenous rights and activism, new modes of inquiry, and much, much more! We shared pastries, looked at bilingually published children’s books in Maori and English, and enjoyed slides about how libraries organize their spaces (chess play areas in the State Library Victoria in Melbourne!). Notable tidbit: Maori New Year’s fireworks were postponed because there were whales in the harbor, and there was a strong ecological and cultural drive to not scare them away.

We’ve attached a few pictures from the event for you to enjoy.

holiday cookies on a platter
Treats shared during the presentations (All pictures courtesy of Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman)
Students presenting about their study abroad trip
UW MLIS students Zoe and Kari presenting about their trip to The Netherlands
Student presenting about study abroad in New Zealand
UW MLIS Student Kari presenting about her trip to New Zealand and Australia
Children's book entitled The Mediterranean
One of the books shared during the presentations
Catalog from Gecko Press
Press catalog about children’s literature

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