Stories from our users: UWT Library love, part 2

What a great quarter it has been here at the library! And now that finals are done (yay!), and our community is hopefully finding a little time for a break (whew!), we wanted to share some more UW Tacoma Library love.

From technology to staff, from spaces to a feeling of home, here is what some of you had to say about your favorite things about the library:

Sign with text about why patrons like UW Tacoma library ("I can always find a place to study!")

“It is a welcoming and serious space that keeps me grounded.”

Sign about why patrons love UW Tacoma Library ("because of the student staff!")

“Because [of] great staff (& surface pros)”

“Because [i]t’s my home & because of the friendly staff.”

Thanks a million to every one of you for your kindness and support! Have a fantastic break. Remember, we have updated hours during interim!

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