Printing Changes in the Library

Major upgrades to mobile printing and the printing infrastructure in the Library arrived over the Winter break, courtesy of the Library, UW Tacoma Student Technology Fee Committee, and UW Seattle’s Creative Communications.

Simplified Mobile Printing

The first change is that students no longer need to download a driver for their laptop and instead simply visit, log in with their NetID, upload their files, and then they can pay for and release their jobs from any of the three printers in the Library. You can use this new Mobile Print feature on your laptop, from your home computer, from your phone, or almost any device that can access the internet.

As an added benefit to the new mobile print function students can also only see the print jobs associated with their username. It used to be that when you swiped your card, you saw all of the jobs on that printer. Now, you put in your NetID first and then you only get a list of your own print jobs. With the new system it’s much less likely that someone will accidentally print off and pick up one of your personal files.  

New B&W Printers in TLB

The Library has also added new equipment to both the Snoqualmie Building and to the Tioga Library Building.

There is now a black and white printer on the first floor of the Tioga Library Building. For students studying in the carrels or up in the Grad Student Study room this printer can be used to pay for and retrieve jobs without having to walk all the way over to the Snoqualmie Building. Just use to send your jobs!

Color Printing in SNO

The Library also now has a color printer in the Snoqualmie Building! Students should use to submit jobs to this printer. Just upload your file and then select “color” from the options at the bottom right of the page.

An screenshot of the Print Options on "Color printing" appears directly under the "Print Options" heading.

Color print jobs cost $0.50 per page for single-sided and $1.00 per page for double-sided.

The Library is interested in future changes to the print system and even adding “free” printing. If you would like to partner on an STFC proposal please email Tim Bostelle:

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