Evaluating Learning Environments in the Library & TLC

Photo of feedback on study rooms

If you’ve walked through the Library this week you may have noticed boards posted near the entrances of the Snoqualmie and Tioga Library Buildings. They’re there to assess how the UW Tacoma community uses Library and Teaching and Learning Center.

As you pass through, please take a moment to put up a little sticker in response to the questions or fill out a post-it note. We’re looking to you to help us envision how the learning environments in the Library and TLC can be better designed to serve the evolving needs of the campus community. Photo showing engagement event instructions

These boards were created for the Snoqualmie/Tioga Redesign Project by McGranahan Architects, who are in the pre-design phase of this project.  The Library and TLC are working closely with the architects to understand the kinds of spaces you currently use–or would like to have available. Your responses will directly inform the development of plans for the new building. We’re asking:

  • How do you typically enter Library/TLC spaces?
  • What kinds of study spaces and learning environments you currently use (or would like to use)?
  • How do you as students and faculty interact with the Library/TLC? How could the spaces be improved? 

These are the same boards that were recently used during the charrette for this project, held on January 16, 2019. This was a well-attended event, and some of the photos included here the valuable comments and perspectives that participants shared.

Photo of board showing student feedback during charrette

The boards will be in these areas until February 13. Library staff will be meeting with Campus Space Planning and the architects to discuss how your responses will influence future decisions around learning environments in the SNO/TLB complex.

Photo showing Snoqualmie entrance with community feedback boards

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