Meet Our Staff: Christy McDaniel

Head shot of library employee Christy McDaniel

  1. What’s your relationship to the UWT? I am an online student at the UW iSchool on the Seattle campus. I will earn my Master of Library and Information Science in June 2020. Until then, I take all of my classes online, work at the UWT library, and spend the time I would have been commuting with my family.
  2. What drew you to working in libraries? I was a high school teacher, and I wanted to continue working in a capacity where I teach, but I didn’t want to decide what students should learn (or grade papers!). Now I teach students to help them achieve goals they have set for themselves. I also love the variety of roles we play in the library.
  3. What parts of your job are you most excited about? The way we find and use information has changed a lot since I was a kid, and it will continue to change. I love that my job is to keep learning and keep up with those changes so that I can best help students. I feel excited for the students I meet: the difficulties they overcome and the things they accomplish inspire me.
  4. Have you read anything good lately? We Fed an Island by José Andrés, the story of his efforts to feed Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. I’m rereading the Harry Potter series just for fun.
  5. Any advice for UWT students? Finding, using, and evaluating information is usually a hidden part of your assignments. It’s not easy, so please ask for help when you need it. We at the library want to see you succeed.

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