A New Exhibit on Climate Change: Every Action, A Reaction

Sign that reads: Every action, a reaction. Climate change. How we are causing it. How we can change it

The UW Tacoma Library is excited to announce that we have a new exhibit up in the Tioga Library Building. Conceived by UW Tacoma alumn Erika Wigren, who is currently completing her MLIS at the University of Washington Information School, this exhibit offers our community someĀ resources, ideas, and best practices surrounding climate change, sustainability, consumerism, eco-activism, and more.

Photograph of a bookshelf with books about climate change.
(Photo courtesy Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman).

Here are few more details:

“The intention of this exhibit is bring awareness to the seriousness of climate change and its impact on both human life and the planet. Climate change is one of the most threatening issues of our time and scientists have explained that we are running out of time to change our course. Climate change impacts everyone. Climate change will greatly impact future generations, it will threaten fresh water, the oceans, the air we breathe, and where we can live. Climate change threatens humans, ecosystems and species, and the longevity and viability of our planet.

So what can we do? This exhibit aims to answer that question, to bring light to recent, evidence based research, and to promote and encourage environmentally conscious behavior. Change begins with us. “


Questions or comments? Please contact ewigren@uw.edu or jmjk@uw.edu! And if you have book or resource suggestions about climate change and the environment, please suggest them here.

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