Thousand-Dollar Tips: Bibliography

Pie chart highlighting the 10-pt bibliography; Text: Follow the citation guide, cite all your sources, review your work

The project you’re submitting for the Library Research Award for Undergraduates is great and you’re well on your way to winning $1,000 and eternal fame for your fantastic research. This is your reminder to make sure your bibliography is all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips.

It’s important that you give credit to the work that aided your own work. Every time you use a work–whether you quote, paraphrase, or simply refer to it–you need to give credit to that source, both within the course of your project and in a bibliography (aka “references” or “works cited,” depending on your citation style guide) that lists them all.

Our submission guidelines offer these tips:

  • Format your bibliography using a style guide appropriate to your project’s discipline. See our citations and writing subject guide for guidance using APA, CBE, Chicago, and MLA.
  • Cite all sources you used, even if you did not use direct quotes.
  • Review your project and make sure each in-text citation has a corresponding reference in your bibliography.
  • For long bibliographies, subdividing your sources into categories may be helpful, although an alphabetical list is also acceptable.

We give the most points to bibliographies that show breadth and depth and are consistently formatted. View the award rubric to see how you can improve your work.

Reminder: Applications are due May 6, 2019.

More questions? Visit our page of Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Library Research Award for Undergraduates Committee ( regarding the application process, eligibility, or the competition in general.

These awards have been made possible by The Kenneth S. and Faye G. Allen Library Endowment, the Friends of the Libraries, and the Population Health Initiative.

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