6th Annual TAC Talk Lineup announced!

Photograph of stacks of yellow paper; these are feedback forms that will be given to presenters of the UW Tacoma TAC Talks.
(Photo courtesy Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman).

Save the Date!

We have an amazing line-up for TAC Talks this year, and have been working hard getting everything ready.

May 23rd  —  TLB 307B  — 5-7:30 PM — ALL ARE WELCOME!

Here are a titles of some of the talks you can look forward to!

  • “Examining the Human Experience of Moral Distress: A Narrative Inquiry”
  • “A Brief History of Third Gender Options”
  • “Privacy-Preserving Text Classification”
  • “Research Resources, the card game: Using popular party games to reinvigorate research instruction”
  • “The Role of Libraries/Librarians in a Changing Climate”
  • “Your Relatives May be Crazy but Crazy is Relative: Why the Way We Talk About Mental Illness Matters”

What are TAC Talks, you ask?

TAC Talks are polished, 5-minute snapshot talks presented by UW Tacoma graduate students across a range of research and professional interests.  Each talk is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, and there is opportunity for Q&A from the audience. We have a reception with food following the event.

Collage of Photos from a past lecture event. Students and faculty are lecturing in front of a large screen.

Is there a theme?

The theme this year is Breaching Borders, broadly interpretable. These borders might be literal borders or barriers, these can be academic explorations into uncharted territories, these can be transgressions, these can be pushing past the status quo…. Come see how UW Tacoma Grad Students explore this topic through their own research!

Anything new this year?

Why yes! Two things, in fact:

  1. There is a new “Audience Favorite” award for the talk that best addresses the theme! Come and vote for your favorite!
  2. We are a part of the brand-new UW Tacoma SHAREFest! SHAREfest refers to the collection of events occurring across campus during the spring quarter at which UW Tacoma undergraduate and graduate students will share their ‘scholarship highlights and research excellence.  Pick your favorite event, attend them all, and tweet or instagram using #UWTShareFest

Poster flyer for TAC Talks: Breaching Borders. Talks about Oppressed Group Behavior, Watershed in Gender Politics? Privacy & Machine Learning, Climate Change & Libraries, Destigmatizing Mental Illness, Game Based Learning and More!


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