Library Photo of the Week

An arch made of rainbow balloons frames the area in front of the Snoqualmie Building and the purple "W" on the Tioga Library Building in the background
(Photo courtesy of K. Whitney)

This joyful rainbow balloon arch in Gillenwater Plaza on Wednesday reminds us of the beauty that results when we combine and include all parts to make a whole. The UW Tacoma Library is dedicated to helping create and maintain that whole:

The University of Washington Tacoma Library strives to create an environment of intellectual freedom which protects the interests of all members of our diverse campus. Access to research, information, and technology is fundamental in identifying and dismantling social injustice. As a library we pledge to be an active partner in combating systemic discrimination on our campus and foster skills and resources that students, faculty, and staff can use to confront discrimination in our world.

University of Washington Tacoma Library Equity Statement

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