Foundation Directory Online: New and exciting changes!

The Foundation Directory Online, or FDO, is a Foundation Center research tool heavily used by nonprofits to search for grantmakers interested in funding projects and initiatives.

The UW Tacoma Library has long partnered with the Foundation Center to provide the campus and regional nonprofit community access and training for the FDO.   However, there have been some exciting changes in the last few months:

  • Thanks to UW Libraries tri-campus funding and a partnership with UW Advancement in Seattle, the Foundation Directory Online is now available system-wide, off-campus (for affiliated UW users), and via the wireless network!  Previously, access was limited to desktop computers physically located in the library.
  • In February, the Foundation Center announced a merger with GuideStar, another important database in the nonprofit world.  The new organization is known as Candid (you can read more about the merger here).  While there is no concrete news on how that will affect the products in the long term, our UW and local communities can explore both!  GuideStar provides detailed information on charities and nonprofit organizations, and both research tools can be found in the UW Libraries A-Z database list.

We look forward to exploring how improved access and future Candid development benefits our students, faculty, and valued community partners!

Get started:

Screenshot of a sample FDO search
         Sample screenshot of an FDO search.  Foundation Center by Candid




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