Library Photo of the Week

If you follow the library’s social media, you know we like to post pictures of our tea time, a weekly (sometimes semiweekly!) afternoon tradition where library staff (both permanent and student staff) gather in the breakroom for some refreshments. The IT director often brings and shares homebaked goods. Others also whip up fun bites that we enjoy as we relax for a few minutes together to chat.

Recently some of us took the gathering opportunity to share our Artist Trading Cards (ATC). Last month we discovered that we had artistic tendencies and wanted to enjoy making a little something for each other. We settled on ATCs for their manageable size; we were confident that we could create something in three weeks without causing us undue stress. We chose teatime to unveil our creations!

Gwen’s ATC was created on back-to-back watercolor paper scraps, with stitching on one side and a collaged ode to Tacoma and triceratops (!) on the reverse.

Kari’s was a tribute to Goodnight Moon on playing cards, with painted toothpicks, stitched cloth, wood splinters, plastic, and fishline-strung metal stars.

Tell us about what you like to do! What sorts of creative outlets do you enjoy with your colleagues?

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