Recommended reading: “The Glass Bead Game”

Image of Prof. Robin Evans-Agnew with a cover image of his recommended book, "The Glass Bead Game"
Photo by Eric Wilson-Edge, UW Tacoma

“The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse was suggested to me as I was graduating from High School by one of my first mentors, the Reverend Joseph Jordan. Hesse’s book was rejected for publication in Nazi Germany because of his anti-fascist views. I have returned to the concepts that the book handles … systems of knowledge, politics and knowledge, power and knowledge -all through my life. The setting for the novel was appealing: a futuristic society, a monastic tradition, and a sense of a wide open world. Now when I reflect back on the book, I find that many of the central problems Hesse proposed continue to challenge the ideologies of our age and the return of fascism.”

Robin Evans-Agnew, Ph.D.
School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership
Promoted to Associate Professor, Spring 2018

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Meaningful reads is a recommended book series commemorating the promotion and tenure of faculty at the University of Washington Tacoma. Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, newly promoted or tenured faculty are invited to share a book with thoughts on why the book was meaningful to their career or life.

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