Shop Talk: Oral History Methods for Research & Education

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Join us on Wednesday, January 29, for the next installment of the UW Tacoma Library Shop Talks series!

In this workshop, faculty will learn about the basics of practicing oral history with the aim to get started on an oral history research project and/or to incorporate oral history into student research assignments. Oral history offers immense primary sources for interdisciplinary research, allowing researchers and students to explore layers of meaning through firsthand accounts. Rooted in community, oral history also has the ability to capture the voices of individuals who may have been marginalized or regarded as historically insignificant. This session will be offered by Joan Hua, Oral History Project Manager at the UW Tacoma Library.

When  Wednesday, January 29, 2020, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Where  SNO 136

During and after the workshop, attendees should be able to …

  • Brainstorm ideas for incorporating oral history methods based on an understanding of oral history values, models, and lifecycle
  • Follow recommended steps to complete an oral history project that result in archival quality oral history recordings with complete metadata

We will also take a look at the developing UW Tacoma Oral History: Founding Stories project and other larger-scale examples. We welcome your ideas for research or classroom projects as well.

Please feel free to bring lunch!

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