Database Spotlight: JSTOR Sustainability

Person shining a flashlight into the purple sky. Text reads: Database Spotlight. Get to know your UW Tacoma Library ResourcesThe UW Libraries and our librarians work constantly to makes sure you — student, staff faculty — have access to the information that you need. Every few weeks, we highlight interesting (or new) databases that could be useful in your research endeavors! Introducing… JSTOR Sustainability!

Screenshot of the JSTOR Sustainablity Database featuring a search bar and the word Sustainability superimposed on a green forest background.What is in this database?

This database is the first of JSTOR’s Thematic Collections, Sustainability features academic and policy research on environmental stresses and their impact on society. This collection features 115 journals and over 5,400 research reports from more than 30 policy institutes.

The database brings together key journals as well as research reports from leading think tanks worldwide. The collection looks at sustainability and resilience through a broad lens, and spans more than 30 disciplines. (Description borrowed from JSTOR website).

Who might benefit from using this database?

Anyone with an interest in the environmental sciences and climate change and climatology will surely find something of interest here for them.  Further, for those studying policy, finding the research reports from 30+ policy institutes bundled thematically in one place will be extremely useful.

Featured Subjects in JSTOR Sustainability:

For Access:

You can find the link to JSTOR Sustainability in the A-Z Databases list on the UW Tacoma Library website; on the right hand side, you’ll see new and trial databases!

As always, please contact us with any questions about this and any other databases!