Calling all Student Filmmakers: Win $$$ and Show Your Love for the Library!

Do you heart UW Libraries? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to let you know that the UW Libraries annual video contest launched this week. The contest is open to students from ** Tacoma**, Bothell and Cascadia College, and Seattle! Videos celebrate the storytelling creativity of students and their expression of why Libraries are the “heart” of the University.

  • Undergraduates and graduates are welcome to participate.
  • Create a one-minute video under the theme: #IHeartUWLibraries (I Love UW Libraries)
  • Submit your video by Friday, March 27th.

You can win up to $1,500 (First place prize: $1,500, second place: $1,000, third place: $500, plus four $50 gift cards for videos that receive an honorable mention)!

Snoqualmie and Tioga Library Buildings -- one brick, one modern
(Photo courtesy Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman)

Did you know that UW Tacoma won 1st and 3rd place in 2019?  Watch previous submissions from 2019 winners AND 2018 winners for inspiration!

Complete contest information, rules, judging criteria and directions to apply are on the Libraries web site HERE, under “NEWS AND EVENTS”.

And, as always: let us know if you need any support as you work on your project! Come on, UW Tacoma! Show off your amazing talent and skills!

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