available through the library

Did you know you can research your family through a popular genealogy website through the UWT library?

To get to this resource, visit the library homepage and click “Article Databases,” as shown below.

Portion of library home page with "Article Databases" highlighted.

This will open an alphabetical list of our databases. Scroll down or type in the search box to find Ancestry.

This database allows the user to type what they know about an individual to find birth, marriage, and death records, census, and even yearbooks. The more you know about an individual the better. I was able to find my father’s high school yearbook photo when I typed in his first and last names and the city where he lived at the time.

Do you want to find gravestones, yearbooks, marriage records and other digital resources about your family tree? We can help you navigate this database at the Research Help desk.

Note: The DNA analysis functionality is not a part of this version of the resource.

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