Real Lit Remote: Taking our Book Club Online

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Drumroll: meet Real Lit Remote!

The UW Tacoma Library, in collaboration with the Center for Equity and Inclusion, is taking its social justice book club, Real Lit[erature], online! The goals of Real Lit have always been to create a greater awareness and discussion of the experiences that are being had by our students, staff, and community members. By interacting with narratives that reflect different experiences, it has provided opportunities to dialogue with peers about shared and disparate experiences.

Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of  the community building function of the book club. We hope that we can find ways to be together online in a social setting: to reduce isolation and to enhance campus education through peer-based discussion groups.


Book Cover: This Time Will Be DifferentCome join The Center for Equity and Inclusion and the UW Tacoma Library to discuss Misa Sugiura’s This Time Will Be Different. Anyone affiliated with UW Tacoma is welcome to join: students, faculty, staff! Here a bit about the book from the author’s website!

[CJ has never…] lived up to her mom’s type A ambition, and she’s perfectly happy just helping her aunt, Hannah, at their family’s flower shop. […] Then her mom decides to sell the shop—to the family who swindled CJ’s grandparents when thousands of Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during WWII. Soon a rift threatens to splinter CJ’s family, friends, and their entire Northern California community; and for the first time, CJ has found something she wants to fight for.”

Real Lit Remote Details

  1. We will be conducting these sessions online via Zoom video conference calls.
  2. Sessions are held Mondays 2-3, and Thursdays 10-11.
  3. Real Lit is completely optional and you will not be graded.
  4. Students receive electronic copies of books on a first-come, first-serve basis. Preference given to folks who can attend most meetings.
  5. Zoom video sessions can be close-captioned. We will work with you for further disability accommodation.
  6. If you love to read and have conversations about the book, then Real Lit is the perfect place for you to find community!
  7. Contact or if you have questions.


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