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Publish and Flourish is an annual event that recognizes the accomplishments of our faculty and staff who have published within the past year. In connection with the Office of Research and the University Bookstore, The UW Tacoma Library  celebrates the achievements of our campus community. In lieu of our campus closure, we will be highlighting these publications online through our blog. The UW Tacoma library purchases all faculty and staff publications to make them available to the UW community. This week we are highlighting:

The Future of Work: How Artificial Intelligence Can Augment Human Capabilities

Author: Haluk Demirkan with Yassi Moghaddam, Heather Yurko, Nathan Tymann, and Ammar Reyes
Department: Milgard School of Business

“Jobs, and nature of work as we know it, are changing rapidly. Disruptive changes to work behaviors and business models will have a profound impact on the nature of work and worker. In this book, experts from industry and academia explore how innovative companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and intelligent tools to enhance and augment human worker rather than replace it.” – Business Expert Press

Known nationally and internationally for work on this topic, Haluk Demirkan was invited by Professors Tamara Carleton and Reinhold Steinbeck, to present a lecture at Stanford University on April 10, 2020 titled “T-shape People for Future Work – analytics thinkers and adaptive innovators” Invited Guest Lecture for Global Innovation Design Program at Stanford University.

Locate more information about the book here
Learn more about the author here

The UW Tacoma Library is very proud of your accomplishments, Haluk Demirkan . Congratulations!

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