WDRP - Washington Directed Reading Program


Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed. Applications for Autumn 2019 will open at the end of the summer.

To give you an idea of the application process, here is the timeline for Spring 2019 applications:

March 11: Graduate student mentor applications open (Apply Here).

March 17: Graduate student mentor applications due at 5:00 pm.

March 18: Undergraduate student applications open (Apply Here).

March 25: Undergraduate student applications due at 5:00 pm.

April 1: Latest possible time that we will announce project pairings.

Project Proposals

Project proposals for the upcoming quarter will be given below, including required courses and brief project descriptions. We expect to run approximately 10 of these projects each quarter, depending on student interest. The descriptions are roughly divided into 3 categories, depending on prerequisites.

Beginner Level: May require some Calculus

Sample Project Title
Prerequisites: Math X and Y
Mentor: Some Graduate Student

A paragraph describing the project.


Intermediate Level: Require Math 300 (proofs) and possibly other 300-level courses


Advanced: Require upper-level (400-level) mathematics courses