Ariana Grande ft. the Dick van Dyke Show

AUDIO VISION Response Clip

I personally think Ariana Grande’s hit songs are fucking catchy, but she also reminds me of a rip off of Rihanna. Oops!

I think it’s funny to hear the Dick van Dyke show dialogue over something from the present day.

Happy dead week!



  1. this is f*cking amazing oh my god (i tried to post this the first time actually spelling it out but it censored me and wouldn’t let me post with a swear word which is bullsh*t). whole heartedly agree on the your opinions of ariana. her new album slaps but rihanna slaps harder. that being said the contrasting vibes from the 7 rings music video and the old sounding audio are hilarious. the audio kind of lined up at some parts to when ariana was singing and it looked like she was saying it which i also thought was funny. also a sort of parallel (intentional or not) is that 7 rings is already based off of an old song from “the sound of music” and by paring the music video with this specific audio it kind of mimics the actual music video in its own way. anyways, this was awesome and well thought out.

  2. The juxtaposition of the audio and video made me laugh! Good and unexpected choice

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