Collaborative work using the Summit System with Mayo Clinic to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society

A poster detailing work done in collaboration with Dr. Greg Worrell and Dr. Ben Brinkmann at the Mayo Clinic will be presented at the upcoming American Epilepsy Society meeting. The poster, titled “Epilepsy Personal Assistant Device – A Mobile Platform for Brain State, Dense Behavioral and Physiology Tracking, and Controlling Adaptive Stimulation” details work on a chronic monitoring system leveraging the Medtronic Summit System. See the full abstract here

Investigations into the ‘Rebound Effect’ in Essential Tremor DBS Patients to be presented at annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting

PhD student Ben Ferleger and undergraduate researcher Sarah Cooper will be at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago this year presenting a poster on some of our recent work using the Activa PC+S. The research project being presented is an investigation into the ‘rebound effect’ whereby essential tremor patients with a deep brain stimulator can have worse-than-normal symptoms immediately following the removal of electrical stimulation. Due to the fact that in future closed-loop DBS  systems may automatically turn on and off stimulation in response to sensed neural biomarkers, the fact that symptoms get worse temporarily with the removal of stimulation needs to inform future algorithm design to ensure effective control of symptoms. 

The full SFN Conference Poster information is available here

“Research Development Kit Enabling Expanded Spinal Cord Stimulation Research” to be presented at NER 2019

A paper written with Medtronic colleagues Duane Bourget, Ben Isaacson, and Melanie Goodman-Kaiser will be presented this week at NER 2019. The paper is titled “Research Development Kit Enabling Expanded Spinal Cord Stimulation Research” and included below is the paper’s abstract. Check out the poster if you are there!

Update 6/13/2019: PDF now available on IEEE

A brand new blog!

Hey all, I am the latest addition to the University of Washington’s Department of Neurosurgery. Here I’ll be posting the latest developments in my ongoing work to advance the state of the art in biomedical devices to aid in the treatment of those with neurological disorders, diseases, and injury. Stay tuned